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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat speedrun 22:51

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Все видео пользователя: ThePwnij.

Segmented Any% speedrun done in 18 segments performed by rayvex.

Date: 03.03.2013 - 06.08.2013

Difficulty: Rookie

Final time: 22:51

This run utilizes a large skip trick along with clipping glitches that nearly cut the total time in half compared to my previous run.

The actual fun factor of speedrunning this game which is the routing and planning at Zaton and Jupiter is gone but total time is improved significantly.


Trick explanations:

So the first new trick (door clipping) appears @ 00:44. What basically happens here is the player model gets squashed between the door and the armor as it's being dropped, leaving no room for the player to be. Apparently, the way the game engine handles it is by allowing the player model to cross the solid object (in this case the door) until there's enough room again.

Next trick is right at 00:55. This is kind of a reverse effect of the above trick and actually a common bug across all Stalker games. The way I understand it is that if you drop the weapon in a certain way so that it will get stuck, you will have two objects at the exact same position meaning that one will have to leave room for the other, so the dropped weapon \"pushes\" the door away.

The major skip that saves roughly 15 minutes is at 04:14 - 04:22. Each area has changelevel triggers that are used to go between levels (Zaton, Jupiter, Pripyat). You don't see it, but what actually happens when you're traveling between levels is that after the screen turns black you'll be teleported to the respective changelevel trigger that takes you to the next level. In other words: If you touch the trigger, the level will change no matter what. The trigger from Jupiter to Pripyat is located right on the top of the building thats south-east to Yanov Station. The way I get there is by doing an object boost. I have no clue how the object boost works, but I believe it's a combination of the games terrible player physics and collision detection. Basically when you have the chair lying on it's side, all you have to do is to slowly run into it and it will eventually boost you up in the air (seems to be random though).


Note: When using the changelevel trigger to Pripyat, investigating the crashed helicopters is not necessary for the completion of the game.

Normally, crash sites 1 and 3 are necessary in order to trigger the Road to Pripyat quest which however, was skipped by using the changelevel trigger.

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