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Race Driver GRID - Полное прохождение (Walkthrough) #1

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Here in the Viper for the Tormentor and when do so.

Fever steady going up the hill and try to stay on a journal. Category.

Get in here with you.

The killer for a beginner.


Oh you do get the win talk about your first kid.

Finishing the qualifier in San Francisco has earned you a rookie license in all three regions it's a good start but higher licenses won't come so easy and we need them to start earning real money you can earn higher licenses by increasing your reputation hello. Alexander I'm your new business manager I'll take care of the money you take care of the driving this garage isn't much but it'll become your second home I got a great deal on a car for you but it's going to need some work before you can race it we're going to need about sixty thousand euros you'll be driving for other teams at first win some races for them and we'll have enough cash to start your own team I've invested a lot in you don't let me down driving for other teams is a great way to earn money quickly you get a fixed amount for each race plus bonuses for exceeding expectations problem is it doesn't help increase your reputation as much as racing for your own team

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