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Cs 1.6 bugs secrets - tricks of jumping

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

Секреты кс 1.6. Баги, Приемы и трюки джампинга в Counter strike 1.6. Jump tricks

Вторая часть видео по багам в кс 1.6 . В нем вы увидите основные трюки и приемы в игре, основанные на багах и особенностях движка сохраненных еще из Half life.

Несколько из них запрещены на некоторых серверах.

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Second video about bugs in CS 1.6 . You can find here most of jump tricks based on bugs saved from Half Life. Bunny hop, strafe jump, long lump, high jump, weird jump, bhop jump, double duck, silent run, double duck run, count jump, duck jump, ladder jump.

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Hello I'm Horned reaper and now consider the basic techniques and jumping tricks that can be applied on standard maps and servers..

All these bugs were transferred from half-life 1 and they works there very well too. Immediately warn you that for the wilful using some of these bugs.

You can get punishment right up to the ban. And on this version, CS has been set.

Speed and range mod for jumps. We are interested in the bottom line in.

Center of the screen. Let's start with the most famous - bunny hopping as you know the speed of a regular run with.

A knife or a pistol is 250 but jump performed in conjunction with.

Multi-strafe makes it possible get to your goal faster. Here also.

Sometimes working jump bug bug of edge.

Now several ways to speed up standard run. Firstly, the game has such feature added by developers - if you picked up some more or less heavy weapons according to logic speed should fall, basically so it is, but not for the scout - it increases running speed by 10.

There is also a technique called fast run - if you move the scope.

To the one side and briefly press side button to another then the speed will grow a little. Wall rub which allows essentially.

Increase speed by pressing to wall. Now consider the most.

Simple jump - called strafe jump, which allows you to jump around the corner.

Or for example to turn away from snipers.

Further consider what the hell is that long jump long jump combines pre-strafe technique.

And multi-strafe. Pre-strafe means increasing speed still on the ground due to.

Push the button to the side and jump off need at the moment when it's maximum.

The length of the normal jump in the game is 215 units - measure in game which.

According about centimeter using pre-stretch technique you can jump up to 240 Well, multi-strafe also means.

Like in a strafe jump pushing side key in air and simultaneous rotation of the mouse in.

The same side that gives even more speed. Here is an example of a long jump with two strafes. And the more we do the further stretch we can jump.


Here are some examples of the use of long jump.

Next jump type high jump differs from long jump only in that.

Done at the height - here it is required jump a little beforehand.

And here you only need one correct strafe.

Well, the variants are more complicated.

Combining a long jump with a jump we get bhop long jump or bhop jump.

Further wierd jump which is different by bounce after jumping off.

And now sit down techniques - double duck or double sitting - allows jump on low objects not losing speed silent run essentially the same double duck but 2nd duck.

Released not immidiately. Running is really quiet so you can easily confuse the enemy. Next technique double duck run associated with performing.

Effective strafes during double duck and after double duck repeating the same.

Technique is very difficult but if you do all right then can happen like this.

Notice the speed.

The combination of this technique with a long jump count will be already called - the most difficult but effective type of jump.

Also duck jump is performed simultaneously with sit down.

And this is a kind of duck jump with strafe right. By the way.

Banned on many servers for which you can get a ban in spite of it's not a cheat. And where there is not.

Will help double duck, there is a stand-up bhop trick related to pushing the duck between.

Jumps. And finally, ladder jump, working by speeding up by the stairs.

If the video was helpful or interesting then please like Well, thank you all for watching, see you soon

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