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Minecraft SSG Speedrun / PB of 8:03.05

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Все видео пользователя: Funderful_.

Well, after not running this category for over 3 and a half years, I managed to get this run in only 2 days after returning. Neato.

SSG stands for Set Seed Glitchless.

Minecraft Speedrun Leaderboards: https://www.speedrun.com/mc...

RTA: 8:10.30

IGT: 8:03.05

Mineacraft Version: 1.6.4

Seed: -2063810908146531904

RTA timer: livesplit.org/downloads/

IGT timer: https://www.speedrun.com/mc.../resources

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Okay fun is not allowed that's prohibited absolutely no fun allowed here through a.

Decent runnin rusty damn dude no six died twice and Rothstein gave up I don't blame you that is a pretty pretty good reason to want to just stop was it engine room or.

Just call I'm instead of actually attacking me I love when that Evans.

Of us.

Imagine a bat ruining your friend gather that's great imagine not getting Flint that's also nice.

No okay eight is fine those first two.

Fuckers London and room when you got an Eton be in foot and got hit by a traffic jams 17.


Really wondering if I should try and improve my 209 times now in VK condo I.

Don't know what I want to do that's what I'm kind of came back to this but I'm actually enjoying this so that's really nice okay I'll just go with these two no.


Six oh wow they both dropped three nice.

Packets start another gold slip I don't.

Believe you.


Ooh lots of withers though oh shit okay.

Back fuck up please oh okay we get it.

Yeah let's go to is so bad why did they have to throw withers though fuck British girls I don't like this alright.

Nope this is the run what's doing.

And now with the new and improved bed strat there's no way I'm dying in the end there's a 0% chance like this run is going to finish just kidding I'm gonna die - probably an end of everything I'm.

Gonna die then yes that is true no doubt about that yeah we've been.

Getting some pretty good runs here oops I don't know why I got five and we needed four.

Again fluttering with the vote of confidence same it goes thank you guys.

It would only be my moderate is to do it to me too oh there you go there's that fan out okay no one wants me to succeed nice here the diamond is clicking a.

Portal yeah that we will I told you not to bring that shit up Piper the fuck man.

That was not the way I intended to leave the run I was gonna die by the Enderdragon that was that was the intended way to die not just by falling in the fucking lava before I enter the portal boom boom.

We need more of those we need those and we're good.

Thank you for the bits appreciate it we're gonna date your bed smile know what's you're gonna die two beds.

Are you still okay.

Well you're just the fuckin your chipper little one aren't you yellow shit.

Already attacking me before I even get to the damn island the one-shot dream.

Thank you for the bits hey wonderful do you remember the time you forgot to talk to the big rolling garage yeah yeah I remember.

Wow that was actually a pretty good hit too holy shit nice and look at that look at much health I still have Wow fantastic.

Hey thunder phildee humans over the time you forgot to talk to the bible--and going on uh no I don't recall I don't know what you mean never happen not once remember that one.

Time with seven seconds it's like 15 minutes all those are good times dude those are fantastic but holy shit dude this was actually almost able to PV what the fuck where's the dragon there's the.

Dragon ok is this actually gonna PV what the fuck no wait no fucking way Wow.

We actually have a PV damn dude I was expecting that holy shit this is an actual TV not a fake people this one is is the real deal holy shit nice and game time is eight oh three huh damn dude an actual PV would.

You look at that casually comes back you.

Know that player wonderful 1000 I'm.

Still for it though feels bad man oh well that's cool we'll take this

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