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СТАЛКЕР: Секреты и баги. Баги у Сидоровича, случай на арене, текстурные баги. Часть 1 (#1-15)

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

Сталкер Тень Чернобыля Баги и секреты.

Представляю большую группу видео о багах и секретах в игре S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Тень Чернобыля. Это видео - первая порция багов. Все снято на версии 1.0006. Застрял в тумбочке, аномальный кабан, ножом разрезать стену, скинуть зрителя на арену.

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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This is the first video about bugs and secrets in game Shadow of Chernobyl. Recorded on 1.0006 version. Stuck in nightstand, anomalous boar, cut the wall by knife, fall the viewer to arena.

#stalker #сталкер #сталкерсекреты #сталкербаги #багисекреты #secretsbugs

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Hello, I'm Horned Reaper. It is time to talk about huge theme of bugs and secrets of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. So, "come here, stalker. I have interested information for you!".

This video is about first bit of bugs, which probably have fun or feeling like this... Let's Start! There is faomous bug in the beginning which known probably by.

People who even did not play this game.

Yes yes, this is signature yes yes by Saharov. Bug is that.

It seemed to this old paranoid that somebody calling he. Bug is working.

If there is a body near he and still no dialog between them. There is no matter what body. Semenov, Player or other. Okey, keep calm, it's still first bug....

Next bug with texture. Sidirovich's bunker.

Working in this position.

Number 3, In the first location in houses. There is broken furniture here.

If you climb here this, then you'll stay here Forever!.

One bug more which probably everyone saw - corpse that with fury trying to come out from door.

But not everyone can this.

No wonder. This is anomalous animals.

Here is at military supples you can blow this wall. How do you think by what?.

Certainly knife!.

Same you can blow explosives by knife. The wall blowing same with explosives.

By the way there is no any weapon more, which can same.

If you saved game with name "death" then on preview of save you'll see a skull and crossbones..

Number 8. Here we need a spectator mode.

Sidorovich all-seeing. He always knows where are you and look at you even through wall.

Hey, did you show neck to your doctor?.

Also he can mentally tell you. For this you can load game from same location.

Who's here? Go away, unholy! 10. Bolt of weapons.

On the left side. Perhaps for throwing hot shell casings to the player's eyes and mouth.

Although there are not injures health.

After disarming rpg-7 when you try to shoot, you can see couple of frames with charge.

One more thing about rpg, if you'll finally break this weapon, then it can normally shoot after that.

Despite the message about jammed weapon.

Man, I get it, but if it will help you somehow in front of you... The wall....

I helps men but they points gun at me. And look at this. I standing in reactor.

On burning nuclear materials. I think that radiation must be here perhaps. I have even put out the urchin.

Still no radiation! Finally, one moment from arena.

Why they are screaming? Do you want to help me? Okey, you which thinking that not you.

You'll help me.

Oh, friend. You are wooden. You are not helper for me. As always only me helps myself.

So this is all for this time. There will be a lot of videos about bugs and secrets more..

Its so many that I don't know how many. Thanks for watching.

And remember that your like and subscribe will affect to publishing speed of next videos.

Good bye!

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