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Uncharted Drake's Fortune - Полное прохождение (Walkthrough) #1

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I am here off the coast of Panama where we just recovered what we believe to be the coffin of legendary Explorer Sir Francis Drake who is buried at sea over 400 years ago are you sure you want to.

Be defiling your ancestors remains like that you make it sound so dirty besides thought you didn't believe me well I did do my research and apparently Francis Drake didn't have any children well history can't be wrong it up for example.

You can't defile an empty coffin.

Ahh you devil what is it come on hold it.

Up no no no no no a deal was for a coffin that's it wait a minute if my show hadn't have funded this is you wouldn't have out your story lady look mr. Drake you signed a contract I have a right to sell every single thing that you hold that thought Sully we got some.

Trouble hurry it up okay okay what's going on uh Burt pirates yeah the modern.

Kind they don't think prisoners least not male prisoner eat what are you talking about uh shouldn't we call the.

Authorities or something yeah that'd be a great idea but we don't exactly have a perfect to be bigger what yeah so unless you want to end up in a Panamanian jail we should probably handle this ourselves what's worse you obviously haven't been in a Panamanian jail do you not here's one of these uh yeah it's like a camera you just point and shoot right good girl.

Here we go.

How the hell he find us out here these guys been telling me for weeks but I lost my it's kind of a long story.

Less talking more shooting hurry up.



Shoot the kid Oh we'll play rough.

Sully burrard stop.

Ok that's not good.

Oh oh wait are you doing okay I can't leave.

You alone for a minute can I I had everything under control until they blew up the ball you all right nothing the years the therapy won't fix well if it isn't the beautiful and talented Elena Fisher flattery will get your screen time yeah more behind-the-scenes kind of guy Victor Sullivan huh for chrissakes.

What do you say we get out of here before we attract any more attention.

Well a little present from Sir Francis uh-oh so you found the common wait a minute is this what I think it is Drake's lost diary he faked his death just like I said Sully he must have been onto something big yeah well let's just keep that between us thanks for the loan mr. Drake I think I've ever gonna look at that diary when we land.

So look when Drake sailed into the facility he took the Spanish fleet completely by surprise he captured their ships he took all their maps their letters their journals and he recorded everything in this diary uh-huh so when he got back to England Queen Elizabeth confiscated all of his charts and log books including this one and then swore his entire crew to sign yeah so Lizzie Drake discovered something on that voyage Sully something so secret and so valuable they couldn't risk it getting out all right Nate just pretend for a minute that I don't really care about any of that stuff and cut to the chase would you man only interested in the climax you must be a real hit with the ladies never had any complaints ok then I'll jump to the good part just for you oh hell goddamn Dorado he was on to.

Something big all right does it say anything else oh so now you're interested huh yeah well unfortunately no last page was torn out I'm telling.

You Sully this is it this is finally it yeah unley we got one little problem yes.

That's what I said it blew up it's saying no that's why we have insurance right oh. Oh no the camera no the cameras fine. Don't worry about the camera no still as good as new Sully the girl can hold their own you should have seen her fine you go on out there and you tell her we just found the lost city of gold maybe her producer can get it on the answer oh come on Nate do you trust me more or less good cuz we're gonna have every two-bit scumbag and the World Racing us to this treasure unless we cut her loose right now you're a real gentleman Sully I know it stinks she'll get over it no I don't I don't care for over budget I mean do you realize that this could be like the biggest story of the year hi no.

I don't trust him okay that's why we need to move fast so just give me the camera crew and I promise you that bitch.

Hey should seen that one coming

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