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STALKER: Secrets & Bugs. Secrets on Dark & Wild valleys, Marked in the paradise. Part 7 (#101-125)

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

СТАЛКЕР: Тень Чернобыля, Баги и секреты. часть 7(#101-125) // STALKER: SoC, bugs Secrets, part 7

Седьмое видео о багах и секретах в игре S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Тень Чернобыля (1.0006). Это видео также разделено на 2 части - секреты на локациях Темная долина, Дикая территория и баги. Массовая паранойя свободы, куда отправляется меченый после смерти, Макс уперся, пройти через закрытый переход, Сахаров обиделся и другие.

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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This is the seventh video about bugs and secrets in game Shadow of Chernobyl (1.0006) Video separated to 2 subparts - secrets (Dark Valley, Rostok) and bugs. Mass paranoia of Freedom, Where does go Marked after death, Maks stuck, walk through closed shift, Saharov offended and other.

#stalker #сталкер #сталкерсекреты #сталкербаги #багисекреты #secretsbugs

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Hello friends i think most of You waited for the continuation of the bugs and secrets.

In Stalker. Well, that's it! Finally let's open the second hundred - let's go!.

Today I will show you all scattered objects in such locations as dark.

Valley, dungeons x18 and on the wild territory. Of course, more or less.

Expensive. but let's start as usual with the more cheap - Borov room, where there is a bunch.

Little things there are so many, so even though you knew but I just had to say it near the entrance to the x-18 climb on this area, see ammo - pretty.

Expensive! By the way now I will not talk about scattered artifacts of medium and low cost, since in the future it is no longer.

Rarity. Trailer near the pit - mercenary armor.

Also near the entrance to x-18 we climb on the roof and see there wallowing RPG.

If you climb on this structure, then we can we find two expensive artifacts at once.

Mother's beads, spring and also guitar and others.

Knick knacks.

And here we have an expensive Stalker suit.

And also stores of bandits, there are a couple of armors here, a bunch of weapons and.

Other supplies.

But how to live without it?.

Well, burn it all with a blue flame!.

Guys! I love you all! so what i wanted? I must talk to Borov!.

Heart-to-heart okay, go ahead x-18 before meeting with that fiery miracle go up here - here is a bunch of.

Various trifles.

Also sometimes crystal can fall out of the box, very valuable artifact.

RPG near the giant.

Well, in the locker room monolith suit.

Wild territory Carefully climb over the electras.

Here you can find the rarest artifact in the game - film.

Also a little further off near the corpse Freeman we can find two Desert Eagles.

One in the corpse and the other in the box.

The last deagle is a mod with other cartridges. Also not far from.

The shift to Yantar in the trailer can be found freedom armor.

Well and the most expensive find here - stalker suit.

Now smoothly proceed to the bugs! Well, The first bug that we consider is.

Dropping yellow dots off the radar. Seldom, but it happens.

Did you try to do this? yes, most fun if you did not save previously.

Svobodovtsy not finished to wonder by this.

Men, there is nobody there! So it is some massive paranoia.

<Maks: Come on, let's talk> I'm sorry, but I do not talk with morons.

Some stalkers in the dark valley and the garbage has wrong dialog by mistake which should be on the Cordon (Escape).

Sakharov first strongly offended by the fact that Semenov died.

And now he does not want to see me! No any respect....

<Sakharov: Why, why why did he die??>.

On location bar in the restricted area in which you can get due to bugs number 88 and 89.

You can meet a mercenary. So if we kill him, then its turn on the alarm and half.

Of duty and stalkers on the bar territory becomes enemies.

We can pass the dark valley - Escape shift, even if it is closed! The best thing.

Works - AK and Abakan.

Ever wondered where goes Tagged after death?.

I found the answer!.

No no, I'm not ready yet! If you like push.

Like and subscribe if not subscribed! Ahead still a bunch of videos about bugs and secrets!.

Okay, there is no living here anyway

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