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GTA San Andreas: Final Mission - End of the Line

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Все видео пользователя: Grand Theft Auto - Topic.

Final mission of GTA San Andreas. CJ confronts Big Smoke and Tenpenny, but to get to them he has to deal with a bunch of Ballas, Vagos and some Grove Street Families traitors.

Platform: PC

Created with: Vegas Pro 14 \u0026 Bandicam

No cheats or mods used except Silent's patch and the fixed vehicles pack.

100% walkthrough playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

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Hey sweet what's up it's time for smoke.

I this roll Johnson Brothers putting to take that fat full game i widen that plus a long way to get my attention.

Sure he East Los Santos yeah around the edge of La Fleur some old apartments and the warehouse is good as dead I can't believe you bought their same fucking ass whore man hey they broke don't fix. So this is it huh Johnson boys sword shit out yeah nervous yeah me too me too.

Look I know you down for this but I got to go in there long what smoke played me timpani played me they play the song yeah but you're right I was a Buster when my family needed me the most hey I let Brian die man this one for him.

For mom and for you broke the grocery.

Baby gear for the growth baby first you.

Need me you know I'll be for sure you always been there for me man.


Don't make me call it.


Give me the duck.

Give me a bra pull.

I shoot you in your face my neck you.

Want me to blast a that hole.

I got a story did I smoke hey CJ I was.

One show up how'd you know it was me. Knew it was my old dog CJ knew you was coming and I don't give a shit I'm here to take care of yo fat.

Ass then I'm gonna take care of your friends in the police depart what a act man fuck man shit man you and Tenpenny.

Fuck Tenpenny and fuck is polish lapdog and fuck the police man oh that's oh shit look at you you got the whole world I got no regrets man smoke you have made us CJ I'm a success I can't big touch I don't give a fuck fucker Oh world what happened to you man man what the fuck do you care ah guess we better do this shit you.

Wearing body armor smoke I'm disappointed.

Somebody small shoot'em help me oh look.

What's going full think you fucking with bitch mmm I smoke will make you flip out.

Like that man wasn't drawn to what I got caught up in the money the power I don't give a shit oh fuck man why you just didn't quit man.

He's like family homie I had no choice I had to do it I just see the opportunity oh when I'm gone everyone gonna remember my name big smoke all.

Cause Johnson my man I need you to do me. Another favor kill Pulaski now this fat fuck there's no stopping you drop the gun you ain't even here large man where's your brother huh why you just didn't shoot me in the back then and exposed huh shut your dumb ass up and load the bag come on let's go ain't got time to fuck with you so what it's like Tenpenny huh all along nobody got your back sup huh why you think I'm alone I got a couple of rookies outside but I got to open their eyes slowly you know little to hear little truth Dan hi fucker.

That's enough chuck it over I got a fire. Truck the catch you crazy man lost you.

Gone half the city's looking for cops to kill Carl and ain't about to get dragged out of a patrol car I get beat to death by some angry mob no no not tonight what you catch a plane ding ding ding ding ding good answer call you know you're gonna thank me one day for opening your fucking eyes oh I almost forgot. Carl time to die ah sweet what money.

In a over car it ain't over Carl's. Mother fucking piece-of-shit gangbanger cocksucker.

I thought you right so big.


My paper now.


In a break.

You take me you motherfucker piece of shit I let you get away with all your dirt wait no.

Hang on wait.

I love this on your company I love this.

Food oh shit.

Please no confer keep hanging out bro.

Man this is folks.

Oh man I was cold cough I let it back to go.

Here we go you come fast fuck me I'm a finger got.

Take the wheels payback time. Motherfuck big bats down.

Get watch our city.

I'll keep over to ten until just worry concentrate on keeping all these other lunatics off my back CJ.

Wires on the bridge up ahead the drop of shit from the bridge BJ watch or so.

Look out CJ Chris Bosh's on a rampage pin again away.

He's willing control we got the motherfucker.

Come on asshole I thank you all.

You're mine my run is too high.

Oh we're hi opposite down come on oh you.

Never understood what I do fifty of me and this town would be okay I took the.

Trash out I did and I'd do it all again.

Don't don't do it me anymore.

I just want to be sure assault man I saw it school don't need to put a bullet he killed himself in the track again no one to blame let's roll far out man you know I mean you beat the system I tried for 30 years to cross over but you managed it man I mean man you're an icon man ah thanks man I'm just glad it's finally over I'm something smoke you know was some smoke he always saw things no different than us smoke smoke was always on his own always out himself that is the surest path to hell man well that are 15 micro dots in. An ounce of mescaline let's go get something to eat sounds good to me.

See you around officer.

And now that everything is cool we got to stay on top of our game keep everything in check but son we got problems and venturus problems in san fierro shits never end for sure I mean it family's back what I think but we got to keep shit tight cuz a lot of people have got the iPhone I come in peace with mr..

Dog here who has an announcement my I mean our first gold record.

Yeah talkin bout uh I heard of I've decided to get breast implants with it.

Joke on anyway what's next we should hit the casinos rose and ISIL wounds now we got take care of shit here fuck going on tour fan we got at a stop on is that anybody yeah. I am over there I'll Paley Carl where are you off to now gonna hit the block see what's hat.

I'm sorry oh yeah yeah Catalina you'll.

Sit get help and to call your dad

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