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Baldur s Gate II Shadows of Amn speed run | скоростное прохождение

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Da the child of Baal has awoken it is. Time for more experiments the pain will.

Only be passing you should survive the process interesting you have much.

Untapped power do you even realize your.

Potential more intruders have entered.

The complex master they act sooner than we had anticipated no matter they will only prove a slight delay.

Cop you wake up yeah come on you have to get a joke yep that's us it's Charlotte you I what is my task ah Minsk will be.

Oh right you are on my own all right all. Right on quickly we must get out of here before whoever did this return what is my cash I swear traveling with you has never done what is my top it shall be.

It shall be a thousand mints and John.

Jump on my sword was a carnival I won't be as ghetto no one.

We're mins cuz evil stands a sight yes.

Yep what is my to chow me you find it is so much for jump on my sword while you can evil I won't be as gentle.

What a me well yes it shall be yes and.

Big awaits what is fine it's Audi on my.

Honor yes consider it done I will do my best ripe all bardhaman at.

Your service.

Greetings good customer a pearl to you.

Is it important peasant.

What is my cat shall be what do you want.

Gotcha good boy what you why oh come with me then cut they can be doing far better.

Than the telling my friend on my also affect a recently last to boot these are.

The prisoners from the disturbance at what Keynes promenade what is known not but their names the majors Jon Arryn Equis the girl is Emmeline I didn't do anything he did it all I had silence child allow the fool to make his judgment why was this man not gagged did he not say four of you we did not approach regardless in the end you came willingly which should be done sir they are deviants Adam Rollins spill.

It's come yes Wow venture it shall what is.

Consider it done I have asked you here because we are under did you work for the shadow fees such I wish a campaign.

The girl they brought in she's a cute one isn't she I do believe I have to practice some enchantment spells on the head one hold that so you to the new.

Prisoner he's escaped what when where is he he's in the lower God's know he comes he's here I cannot be cave I cannot be.

Controlled understand this as you die ever pathetic ever fool.

Hello little one you and I have a great deal to do what what are you planning not to worry nothing worse than what I shall do to your friend.

On my own face what is my task it shall.



Yes what is my tack it shall be you.

Better Minsk goes on my stance case I. Yes I can't dance on the head of a pin.

As well swords the jump what is what i.

Will do my best well we're a team are you gasps I am ready I can stash a lead.

Lita foot and all that you point charge.

Not wear a minced good alright goodnight what is money to go big might you what parking brake good to go name it it's.

Shall shall I display or she boys wait for some more buoys too young to us were.

Right I am ready hi.

Yeah I admit I never thought that big botty would have the courage to invade no matter I'll be the first super Doppler to.

See yes consider it done yes it shall be I.

Will do my best well yay I think I.

Didn't answer I shall be. Yes consider it done.

I do not wish to end our pairing what is why I will do my best perhaps a rest is in order I'm sure you want to go separate paths what do you need skilled in avoidance liter foot and all that on my honor I must rest for our cause to succeed you require my counsel kiss it.

Shall be I do not wish to end up hearing boos I'm ready I can't dance on the head of a pin as well shall be do you need mosquito yoshimori's Willie what is my.

Task considering a doctored you require my counsel on my life I will be my bet how did you see Kim Oh in your lost comrade i am prepared to give you her location and the mean awakened child it.

Is time for another test oh please I can't take this patient similan soon it will all end no don't do this I want to. Die silence dog you have no purpose but to die by my hand.

You are nearly ready for her him Owen she will be pleased hey I would not.

Dream of taking any guesses we have.

Arrived then in good time I mice might ask Helen Reddy is a dangerous business hi.

Any last time notice.

Declare yourself considerably the meaning of this intrusion who are you your challenge.

Starting to wear only their Royals I can. Dance on the head of a pin javi what is my considerately two foot and all that I will do my best what do you need on my.

Shall be void yes consider exhaust it is dumb you rip your chameau is Willie things go well on.

The surface the temple of their false god has been defiled I am pleased my revenge will soon come we did not act for your benefit I rheticus though you did offer some interesting opportunities yes matron mother excuse my careless words our first prisoners arrive matron mother these two ranked high among the surface Scout matron what has to be their fate their presence sickens me kill them perhaps it would be better to interrogate them first journalist what are you doing with these monsters you are on up an odd way to question no rinacus did you not like his tone i reconsidered matron your command was the wiser what is my cat it is done yes I am.

Ready I can dance on the head of mine as well it shall lead a foot and my honor consider it done I will do my on it.

Consider it on my I do my best Minsk and.

Live by the sword shall leave a musky.

Hahaha consider it done.

I will do monix arles crappy rule.

Consider it done.

It shall be. We consider it done you point to do nice to know where that means you will remain with it stands a shot swords not words.

What is my task it is alkyl boost and ready you are becoming an impressed I'm it on my own yes consider it hungry hamster hey just want my sword while you can evil I won't be as gentle I will do my best what do you need I am skilled in avoidance I can dance on the head of a pin as well on my honor Boone it shall.

Be did you understand a really low that yes consultant sharpened and read live by the sword live a good long time yes.

Where is she like this you're she was willing for you exceed me if memory serves all right behind me right on my.

Honor Boone it yes it shall be I am.

Ready let's see what is the consider it done what's uni I can dance on the head of a pin you won Miss Rose evil stands a side.

Well I thank you for coming Sarge don't.

Bother my sword while you all believe in religion hey won't be as gentle i believe the drow were mostly sir if you.

See I can't even the lanthorn is almost buzzing there can be yes considering I.

Can dance on the head of a pin as well you point I were a male my clothes yes evilly yoshimori's Willie first bin.

Right for my live by the sword live a good long time I task I will do my best.

On my HL.

What does consider it shall be on my hon.

Sinner it done I'd even can't even do my.

Best I am ready I can good to go what do.

You need Lita foot me and all that my. Uncle she Moyes Willy well it shall be.

The avatar of the great oak stands before eight portals what transpires here that requires the attention.

What is my card shall be blind what you.

Want good to go name in cahoots right.

You are I can't dance off the hand of opinion you r elite a foot and all that.

Yashima is willing what is my task I.

Lead a foot and all that I am Ingrid. Here moving up so what are you might ask what do you need I am skilled and avoided oh you boys Willie its shall require my counsel yes all the way.

Should all right you very well hi yes on.

The head of a pin as well.

Them read do you need nothing dangerous I I can tentatively two foot and all.

That all the world what if I can require.

My counsel can what the poop duty I.

Think we shall see my for my love we shall see you Robert and where shall I do on my honor yes what is my taxi.

On my Chevy yes it shall be.

Consider it done I will do my best I.

Think mr. and are very unique tasks I can dance on the head of us in as well sure.

I do not wish to erase hands on the best all the world is blind oh you want to go separate paths so we are to battle won your war.

Yo yo.

Ah i see this is my time to come to I.

Almost didn't believe it when the priestess's Toby that your body was showing signs of life once again the big do that I asked for you I imagine you are eager to resume your travels once again we wish you well know we look forward to your return in the future should you desire to.

To end like this.

Go Ryan's Ward has become too powerful we should have acted long before now.

There is no reason to be concerned the fate of this Fool has been sealed but. Can we be so sure this spawn of all is doomed there is no escape

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