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СТАЛКЕР: Секреты и баги. Секреты на кордоне, баги с мутантами, случай в лагере. Часть 2 (#16-37)

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

Сталкер Тень Чернобыля Баги и секреты.

Второе видео о багах и секретах в игре S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Тень Чернобыля (1.0006). Это видео разделено на 2 части - секреты (разбросанные вещи на локации Кордон) и баги. Баговая куртка, бегающий долговец, переменчивое настроение свободовца, собака в бункере Сахарова, детский сад в лагере.

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This is the second video about bugs and secrets in game Shadow of Chernobyl (1.0006). Video separated to 2 parts - hidden items (Escape) and bugs. bug-outfit, running duty, fast-changing mood of freedom, dog in the Saharov bunker, Children in newbie-camp

#stalker #сталкер #сталкерсекреты #сталкербаги #багисекреты #secretsbugs

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Hello friends, Horned Reaper with you and in this video we will continue the topic of bugs and.

Secrets in the game STALKER: shadow of Chernobyl. this time let's start with the secrets. A Secrets.

That not caches, but hidden things scattered around locations including.

Wooden boxes. I will show you all the secrets on location cordon. of course I will not.

Talk about especially expensive secrets in which one tin can and bandage or.

Same, it will be about more or less serious secrets. We will probably start with.

The cheapest. first in this trailer near the beggar first aid kits can be found.

A silent pistol and a couple of bandages on top of it.

Then you can get on the milk truck and pour milk into the backpack, although not, better.

Jump to the roof and break this mini box by the way its enough to break it just jump or push or throw.

Not to waste bullets and not to wave a knife.

Here we have 4 AK74 clips and silencer. here in the boxes.

Lying gangster jacket.

On the eastern edge of the location in the tunnel dead end you can find the chainmail gangster jacket.

At the transition to garbage if you jump on fence and gently crawl to the roof then.

In one of the windows we will see Walter and ammo for it. your first artifact you.

Can find already in camp of novices in basement of one house.

Here is on the way to roadblock you can find one more cheap artifact.

And one more on the eastern edge of the map near the embankment.

In the same camp you can find good artifact. but getting it not.

So simple you need to run and jump from the edge of the car on the roof and in the attic we will find a stone flower price of 2 and a half thousand. same.

Artifact we can reach for the abandoned here in this place.

It is not so easy here either - it is guarded by anomaly.

To get it you need to push it by bullets into the far corner and get it from this.

Position. You can of course walk through the anomaly and then legends will be about you like.

This - you tells him about anomalies but he to you about swag, nothing to think about except money, until the guts on the branches scatter.

In the camp there is another rich attic. here lies a mercenary jumpsuit.

Well, the richest in the cordon is perhaps attic barracks at the roadblock damn it is necessary to climb into my attic and look, okay later. here we have two.

Suits in box which are usually falls down. not scary and there.

Get well here and at the same time smoothly move on to bugs from this series. number 28 - fall down of items from boxes.

By the way, here is another bug. these suits in inventory denoted as jackets and not displayed on the body and also they almost have not protective properties.

But they look and stand like suits. go farther.

What's this?!.

Oh no, we're all gonna die! I decided figure out what's wrong.

Here stuck.

Sick of you, bastard! what have I done to you? What a jerk you are!.

But in the end he still ran away.

Go away! and why he doesn't like me so much? farther see how quickly changing of mood of the sniper? but they really say that it's one step from love to hatred. so here it is.

Hmm ... okay, we assume I did not see it some artifacts when falling makes the sound like a 200 kg barrel.

Fell down.

Monsters do not recognize the gates and doors. so, she does not see me, right?.

I don't know what you were thinking, but I'm waiting for she will notice me.

By the way you can let pseudo-dog in bunker to Saharov and she will do.

The same.

Here I noticed a discrepancy with the data. here is the plan of operation "agroprom" it is clear that.

Each military on the tower keeps "dragunov" but seems like that the budget cut and they are all with.

AK Well, in conclusion, the story in the children's camp newbies.

Now I'll play! let me play give it back! nope! what are you doing? why are you pushing? you pushing! Well, I'll tell my mom! but I'm tell dad!.

In the end they made peace ... well, really, one had to burn in the fire..

Well, just kidding, of course ... it did not reconcile them. ok, on that's all for now, thanks for watching.

In the following videos we will continue to analyze the bugs and secrets!

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