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this run is incredible because its the first done on this map, "kz_colors" which is considered the hardest map to pro time in GO. also it was done before a patch to the map that removes some "death" rooms where if you fall you are unable to respawn/continue that would make the pro time more viable/possible. this is only the tail end of the run as it is very long and i didn't spec the whole time, but i also watch some of the bot after he finishes wherein he does the purple cubby room in 1 shot; a feat in itself. thanks to eightb0 for this epic moment!

MAP: kz_colors

RUNNER: eightb0 (http://steamcommunity.com/id/eightbo2/)

PRO TIME: 1:45:12.54 (1/1)

SERVER: House of climb #2: (128tic/100AA)

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