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СТАЛКЕР: Секреты и баги. Секреты на Складах и самые дерзкие баги. Часть 9(#146-170)

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

СТАЛКЕР: Тень Чернобыля, Баги и секреты. часть 9(#146-170) // STALKER: SoC, bugs Secrets, part 9

Девятое видео о багах и секретах в игре S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Тень Чернобыля (1.0006). Это видео также разделено на 2 части - секреты на локации Армейские склады в первой половине и по традиции баги во второй. Бесконечные гранаты, полезный труп, ограбление арены, ствол в забор, лифт, обман сидора, прыжок от пушки и другое!

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Кинь аптечку сталкеру-новичку: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/horne...

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This is the 9th video about bugs and secrets in game Shadow of Chernobyl (1.0006) Video separated to 2 subparts - hidden items and bugs. Limitless grenades, useful corpse, arena robbery, gun into the fence, elevator, Sidorovich deception, gun jump and other!

#stalker #сталкер #сталкерсекреты #сталкербаги #багисекреты #secretsbugs

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Hello stalkers, Horned reaper with you and today is the 9th selection of bugs and secrets.

In which I will show all the hidden things on the military warehouses location in the first.

Half of the video, but in the second by tradition bugs.

But not just bugs, the most arrogant and daring bugs in the game.

Let's start!.

Someone may be interested but here one house has a well hidden secret.

Although pretty cheap. In one of buildings at the base of freedom we can find.

A new Vintorez, and in the same building on the roof the cartridges from it.

But usually they fall down.

And here on the farm, if we go up into the attic of one of the buildings then we will find.


All garbage ... forget it ....

By the way, you can clean the cooks well!.

Gobble up all his supplies and sell the rest him.

By the way, even behind the refrigerator, he hides Abakan.

On the mercenary outpost - modified LR300 with cartridges.

There is a tower in the village of bloodsuckers. So, on very top we can find expensive.

Artifact and also AK and other little things.

On the same farm in another building -.

"wind of freedom".

Further. Dog lair in the north of the map. There we see another rare artifact.

The real name of which is dummy.

And the corpse of a dog lover is lying around with automatic weapon, pistol and cartridges.

Also in the north, but near the barrier - two artifacts of middle cost.

Also in the corpse rifle and other trifles.

Well, those who never in principle fulfilled tasks of duty, perhaps even.

Do not know what lies here. Grenade launcher.

There is such a place in the same village.

Here you will find a stalker jumpsuit.

And always there are two dead bodies at this tower. They almost always have the same equipment..

Near the place where the snitch meets quite generous stock - jumpsuit.

Of stalker also on the other side near stove Kalashnikov and.

A bunch of bullets, including rare ones.

Well, the most expensive thing is - of course the freedom warehouse.

4 armors, grenade launcher and much more.

Well and now the main thing is the bugs from this group.

On any weapon where there is a grenade launcher, if we press grenade toggle button and immidiately press quicksave then when we load this saved game - we will have a bunch of grenades ready.

To shoot one volley even if we did not have any one before.

You can discharge it and repeat the bug to infinity and then go and sell all the grenades. Bug works on any under barrel grenade.

Launcher. By the way, if at the same time you shoot, it turns out somehow. but in fact.

Only one grenade will fly out so do not waste them. loaded your hero so much that he can't move and not know what to do? Load it to the corpse. It's much easier to carry 200 kg body :).

Oh I wish it could always be like this..

In warehouses after the battle with the monolith many corpses remains with quite good equipment but the question is how to get them?.

And you can get it by applying the bug # 93 or # 94.

You know, but there is a way to steal any weapons from the arena. The most valuable, probably.

FN let's show this example.

As soon as we took this gun.

Save and load immediately and after loading we run to one of these red iron boxes or iron.

Container. Strongly we run into it and also save quickly, load.

The bug is quite rare but if success then you will be thrown out.

Either on the floor above or on the roof. You have 13 seconds to drop the weapon in.

Place where you can find it.


Here the easiest way to use the gap in doors and throw in this area.

Oh, damn, forgot to get a reward. Would suspiciously!.

I probably do not need to tell that when we run for a long time and jump - we get tired.

But there is a little trick that allows you to beat fatigue If you are at the beginning of the jump briefly release and press the button forward, then fatigue will be calculated as if.

You are standing all the time jumping. Thereby maybe not to get tired at all. It works.

Better with weight less than 20 kilograms. If you are from low sit down will try to throw out.

Your gun down then you might have a good throw up which in some situations.

Can be used. Here for example using Bugs # 98 and # 99 on jumping over.

The fence at the Chernobyl NPP, jumping over the fence back is not possible.

Unless you apply this bug..

Another bug of jumping over the thin and low fences.

If the weapon is enough long, it able to stick into the fence. But better.

Before this business you should save game if you don't want to cry when your the only weapon will fly through the fence.

You can deceive the game script at the beginning.

For this during the first boot when client sync appears.

Quickly press save, load and then on the door of Sidorovich's closet.

The lock will not work and it will be easy go out immediately.

If you run on mines, they just can’t harm.

And another daring bug for today the so-called elevator allows you to climb in some places.

Of locations unlimited height. For working you need to do.

A couple of short movements on the floor, and then jump and press a few times forward key. The bug only works on smooth surfaces and mostly on concrete.

Iron and about high walls. For example one of the ways how to insolent using.

This bug Well, that's all for today, thanks for watching.

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There are still a lot of selections ahead and speedrun See you!

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