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IGI 3 - Announcement

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19 марта состоялся анонс IGI 3 от компании Toadman Interactive.

В видео раскрываю историю создания серии и другие детали по IGI origins, project IGI и IGI 2. Приятного просмотра!

Сайт разработчика (Developer's Site): https://toadmaninteractive.com/...

Трейлер (trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkyDbQ...

Паблик вконтакте: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

Поддержка проекта рубликом: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/horne...

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19 March IGI 3 announcement was held from Toadman Interactive!

In this video I'll show game series story and some details of new project. Enjoy!

#projectigi #igi #igisecrets #igi3 #innerloop #artplant #прохождение

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Hello friends, this is the horned reaper, and today we have emergency video - light up the topic of the franchise Igi.

I think for anyone who has played at least one part of this game this video will be.

Good news.

I will clarify the situation a little. The development of the series involved the Norwegian Innerloop studios based in the 96th year. The first part of the series.

Released in 2000 and very pleased with the players by good graphics at that time.

Weapons, missions and extraordinary complexity, which forced the player to act.

Extremely careful, as at the last time. But despite the fact that he had such.

Features like endless respawn enemies in some places and quite.

Strange intelligence (who played, understood), good evaluation of critics and.

Players allowed the game to keep good state. This prompted the creators to do.

The second part in 2003. Improved game graphics, reworked artificial.

Intelligence added more weapons, the ability to crawl and more details.

They even attracted a military adviser Chris Ryan - former operative.

SAS English Special Forces. It turned out quite a good game, but.

Partially lost its zest - wild complexity and also they did it too.

Long. During this time, the series splinter cell began and franchise hitman flourished in the same genre. As a result, IGI 2 could not stand.

Competition and sold out much smaller circulation than its predecessor actually after this company in the same 2003 broke up. But after that.

Former key employees founded their own company Artplant and after only.

In 2017 they came out very positive news - the announcement of the game called project.

IGI we're going in - now we are going!.

Fakes immediately appear - that beyond enemy lines is.

IGI 3. No, this is a parody of IGI in the new engine, quite different game with questionable.

Reputation and some repulsed sources tell that IGI 3 is The Mark .. What ??.

How? Perhaps this is a shame for IGI. It has nothing common with.

This game. But that's not all. By this history can be a film in general..

After year Artplant was sold by Toadman Interactive with IGI rights.

Seemingly cancellation but no. Just a month ago, this.

Company officially announced the development the third part of the game and announced it.

Release in 2021 information of the game is very little but.

What can already be said it will be a prequel to the series and its tentative name.

I.G.I origins. At the same time, they publish trailer of game in youtube.

Which is some incomplete, but we waited 16 years! What are we worth two more years.

Well, we wish the guys good luck to do worthy sequel or prequel and not disappoint.

Fans. I hope I gave you hope write in the comments what do you think about it. I will be very interesting to your opinion and fans of the series push the like! Let's see how many of us! Developer site.

Is in the description. There you can follow the development of this project and in the section.

IGIFAN send your ideas, and the next video is 10th.

Selection of bugs and secrets of Stalker. Good bye

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