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СТАЛКЕР: Секреты и баги. Что такое удобность, хитрости с оружием. Часть 8(#126-145)

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СТАЛКЕР: Тень Чернобыля, Баги и секреты. часть 8(#126-145) // STALKER: SoC, bugs Secrets, part 8

Восьмое видео о багах и секретах в игре S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Тень Чернобыля (1.0006). Это видео также разделено на 2 части - советы и другая инфа в первой половине и по традиции баги во второй. Как выглядит болт в инвентаре, что такое удобность, убить без ущерба репутации и попутно отобрать оружие у друзей, бесконечные патроны в продаже, история об изнасиловании духом, меченый бегает как слон, перейти карту мертвым и другое!

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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This is the 8th video about bugs and secrets in game Shadow of Chernobyl (1.0006) Video separated to 2 subparts - lifehacks / info and bugs. What is bolt in inventory, what is convenience, to kill without decreasing of reputation and steal guns, limitless ammo sale, store about spirit rape, tagged runs like elephant, shift to next location while dead and other!

#stalker #сталкер #сталкерсекреты #сталкербаги #багисекреты #secretsbugs

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Hello, friends! With you again Horned Reaper and today is another collection of.

Secrets and bugs in Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl There are lifehacks and info in the first half of the video, also.

Bugs traditionally in the second half..

Well, rushed! You know, at the moment player death.

Items in the inventory briefly appears that were hidden here we have a type of radio, binoculars, detector, knife, pda and even bolt. What? Is it not like a bolt?.

So eat it, but there is no photo of the bolt! but I give a tooth that it's a bolt! Did you ever thought what is.

Such convenience and what it affects.

And it just affects the sensitivity of mouse - the higher the convenience the higher.

Sensitivity on current weapon.

The game has an observer mode which activating by this string thanks to him you can watch the position enemies, a safe way to move beyond wall and other. Next - in the game you can roll barrels! Well, I agree - moronic advice.

In fact the advice is how to take down someone without falling of reputation and moreover make a couple good.

Friends! So good that they will give their good guns.

Well, you don't like this redhead for example.

Apparently they didn’t like him either ....

Any closed doors can be opened one shot in the lock area even.

If it is not visible. Now I will explain what do you must do for more ammo,.

Than on sale. For example, after completing the task on.

RG-6 on sale at Petrenko appears rare cartridges.

Once again to buy them enough to make save and load between.


At the very beginning of the game at Sidorovich in sales very rarely pop up 3.

Items - cartridges 5.45, a modified thunderstorm and.

Killer outfit, which disappear after cleaning the factory.

And the factory cleaning reward is significant increases if you did it alone.

By the way if you reset the dialog first then you will not get a jellyfish!.

On the radar, the developers worked to make two alternative paths to antennas one of them is like that and the second - whole fairy tale!.

In lab X10 we have a lot of code doors but behind most of them there is nothing.

Well, now the bugs from this group. What happens if tagged dies while looking.

Binoculars? For such audacity he will be raped by the spirit of the zone!.

Oh how tough.

Here in the village you can meet brother of Copperfield as killer.

On the dump you can find a whole dump of textural fails.

Does anyone know how this car appeared here? If the only way to come here.

Through this tunnel! everything seems normal, but there is a small.

Question - why the tunnel is below this wagon?.

Two of the three types of flying grenades consider themselves so special that.

Carry light with them.

Developers added scale of noise level but you know it would be better if it was not ... but by sitting the player really moves quietly.

As loud sounds game already considers quick walk. But the loudest sounds.

Is running and jumping while running. The developers considered this the most.

Loud sounds in the game. Indeed shot with desert eagle.

Bullshit compared to running.

And the RPG shot is even more so! Grenade can also help fly off the map.

By dead.

By the way user GlinaFive asks: What if yes? So let's see.

As we see the player has no weapons, health and you can not manage he.

It appears in the southeast corner of the map.

If you like, put your finger and It is certainly your like and subscription.

Affect the development of the channel! thanks for watching, and on turn the 9th selection,.

See you later!

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