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Читы на S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Тень Чернобыля, часть 1. Суперспособности

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Сталкер Читы Коды.

В данном видео раскрывается тема настойки конфигов игры таким образом, что у меченого раскроются все его скрытые способности, позволяющие легко пройти любой уровень. Сила, скорость, бессмертие, влияние.

Распаковщик архивов: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QwFK9...

Чит файлы: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlb_p...

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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This video is about editing config files of game and achieving all hided abilities of main character which make gameplay extremely easy. Strength, speed, invulnerability, influence.

Unpacker: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QwFK9...

Cheat files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlb_p...

#STALKER #cheats #invulnerability #speed #strength #Сила #скорость #бессмертие #неуязвимость #суперпрыжки #вседрузья #Сталкер #читы #сталкерчит

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Hello, stalkers. With you Horned Reaper and now we got to the topic.

Of non-standard settings and cheats from the simple to the most unlimited. In this part of the video we will uncover inhuman abilities.

Of main hero, thanks to which the game becomes so easy then even my grandmother could win.

Well, let's start. The first thing I need to say - doing such things with.

The game requires an unpacked version, and more precisely the gamedata folder with all of it.

Content. If we have this folder, then just skip this item if there is no either we have some mod which.

We do not want to change, it will be possible get out of the archives. To fence mod.

From our sins, change the folder name.

Add for example a figure and we will need to create another folder - our cheat gamedata.

Archives are these files with db-figure extension in these db-files whole game is covered.

We need config files so extract only 1st archive.

Any one is suitable for unpacking unpacker found on the Internet for Stalker Well, I use the simplest.

Load it. I will give a link to it in description.

Choose this archive, open it. Now you need to select the folder exactly our cheat.


We select it and press ok.

Unpacking does not take much time.

While we can see how this happens. Here is our configs folder. Well, the first.

What we are going to change is file of Main character. It is in the folder.

Gamedata / config / creatures.

Here all the files are "ltx" - they open as usual notepad that is on all computers. but what do we change first?.

What much infuriated you in the game? of course weight! Weight Limit! To change.

You need it in two places - in this file around the middle string max_walk_weight. something tagged quite weak let's put more.

Real value - for example kiloton and second place is - go back to.

This folder at about the end - system.ltx is also have.

Weight parameter, change it, save.

And come back at the same time it will be possible to completely remove fatigue by adding minuses here in these.

Jump_power and walk_power values.

Save our config, run the game, check.

Here we see in the inventory one hundred eighty three kilograms of hand luggage and almost a million kilograms of maximum.

And in spite of all this we run, jump and do not get tired!.

Now I propose to get another one the ability of superman - namely, increase.

Jump and run speed. Jump_speed string and sprint_koef string.

Put for example 10. jumping later will be higher, and running faster. But after that.

There will be problems with plunging into textures. To eliminating you'll have to add zeroes in lines crash_speed , save and.

That's what we did.

Recording is not sped up if you are thinking about it.

If you want to be fully Superman.

What we lack for complete happiness? of course invulnerability..

Invulnerability can be turn on at this section of the file.

This part corresponds to the novice complexity well, and the next there in order - experienced veteran master. Suppose we play a novice, then we changing all these factors to zeros.

And turn off the radiation which you can make in other place.

That's where the four, put 0 That's all! we are immortal!.

If you have superman abilities and it seemed not enough, we go here in this.

File and make yourself god. From the fourth string in the first column.

All values ​​do positive, well let's make 5 thousand. After that, no one even.

Dare not attack us. Same we do in the second table at the very end.

Only here it is necessary to put ones.

Here in the section where is atack_goodwill and kill_goodwill we need all the negative values.

Change to positive, so that you can kill friends with impunity.

Save, check in the game.

Hey you, talk to your the creator! Heey!.

Stop! We did not finish.

Daughter, you have some strange skin. I told you not to copulate with anyone.

Seems not in the mood if you want to become the god of chaos then these tables must be like that.

More precisely, all the numbers farther than the first column in this zone make.

Negative. Similarly with the second table and then the game will start full.

Mess and confusion! Everyone will be so each other hate that it will even.

Fun. Here you are fighting pseudo dogs with dogs, boar with flesh and so on.

The files I worked with, including unpacker I will publish in VK group.

That's all for now. In the next part of video you can expect miracles in the field of money trading and.

Weapons. Thanks for watching and see you soon!

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