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Screw that guys and welcome to another minecraft map where today we have an interesting quest a very interesting quest well we started off here on our bed I just woke up it's a beautiful morning and exit the house to start the map ok what the heck is that dragon hello little insignificant villager of mine I have returned to you for my monthly pay you have two hours to ship the 800 gold bars you have mined is so obedient Lee or I will personally destroy your village villager hey you there come with me we have something to do or we have to do something ok well this is uh this is very unexpected I just woke up and now there's a dragon outside our village and not what I don't even know what happened here I didn't even know I was part of a Minecraft village so what's going on tell me you better have some good news for me the giant dragon is back and we haven't been able to mine 800 gold well obviously I just woke up our only problem is to find a way to defeat the dragon you probably think there is no way but in the recent years I have been experimenting in my lab ok and I have it and I have successfully found a way to change the size of objects animals and even entities I have tested my potions on small animals most died but one lizard did survive are you calling me a lizard do I look like a lizard it will be risky but our only choice is to fight the Giants with more Giants these are some of the things that might come in handy when you are a giant I promise it won't hurt what the heck what the heck like I'm sold to me and called me a lizard oh not a lizard I'm a frog maybe okay wait what the heck is wait okay oh my gosh ok this map started way too quick you just became a giant your quest is to kill the dragon to achieve that you have to find a weapon and a way to put him to sleep don't just focus on that though look around and explore the world ok so we can't kill the dragon this is the evil dragon he getting to be defeated by using his sword but only when he's sleeping so is this this is an iron axe ok so we can't kill the dragon now iron axe can destroy trees grass snow stand it glues desert temples and iron okay that's a lot of stuff all right well that was an interesting start of a video and now we're a giant in minecraft but guys welcome to today's video really hectic start really hectic start this is the castle of with oh this is the castle of windstorm it can be destroyed using a pickaxe well we do not have a pickaxe um so yeah welcome to today's video this is going to be interesting this is a pretty cool map if you guys would like to download it there is going to be a link in the description but I ran across it a couple days ago and I'm like hey this looks really cool let's try it out so I hate you know I have the like blindness effect I wish there was a way I could take that offer so is this a mine what does this is an iron mining can be sure to use an axe okay oh geez what the heck okay you pick up all these oh oh we got a pig actually that can't destroy your castles okay so let's go back to the castle and let's destroy this day in castle but if you guys want to see more maps like this on the channel and feel free to slap that like button it's gonna let me know that you want to shame all maps like this okay oh my gosh oh that's a sword and the remains of the castle lies the sword with a sword you will be able to kill evil monsters you will only be able to kill the dragon if you find a way to put him to sleep since he will burn you and try to attack him or since he will burn you if you try to attack him when he's awake so we have to find a way to put him to sleep okay so I'm not gonna go back to the dragon till we find a way to put him to sleep okay so let's just keep exploring what is this map okay so we can kind of see where we're going here so if we keep going straight we should run into that white thing I'm not sure what that is maybe a snow biome I don't know sort of justice those things look sick okay so I'm just gave you up look at that there we go there's a snow biome okay what do we got here what do we got here it said this sword could destroy or this axe could destroy igloos right okay so I'm assuming there's gonna be a glues in here somewhere what did we just try it oh my gosh that's so cool oh my gosh wow I could do that all day honestly okay so it feels weird being a giant in Minecraft I never thought that one day I'd become a is that a what is this this is a Easter egg house oh you destroyed using a cuticle cuticle I don't know I don't that is um must be some evil type of dragon type which Roy stuff I don't know I don't know I don't know but what I do know is I'm a giant and I need to find some igloos so igloos where you went where you wear igloos you gotta be somewhere around here gonna be somewhere come on come on there's gonna be some anglers my uh huh I also got thirty nan smelted iron and iron ingots this is just as junk item I'm not sure what we supposed to do with junk items but I guess we'll figure it out but I'm still walking along here who grasped I was okay so I guess there's not igloos in here hear that or we just couldn't find him that is so cool oh my gosh that's so awesome okay and you get a lot of blocks remember to look at that I got 32 from destroying one thing jeez that makes sense because we're a giant you know wait there's more snow biome it's like Mount Everest oh my gosh I think it's huge oh my gosh thing is massive oh boys we found a desert biome okay so Ken is there gonna be like desert temples desert temples that's what we gotta look for deserts and bowls come on we're walking I mean or giant come on it can't be that hard to find a dang at desert temple come on please please just let me find a desert temple and I'm having no luck so far okay so so far so bad can't be destroyed using iron.

Axe well diamonds that way were we supposed to get those are we supposed to get those oh wait what does that look like is that um all-seeing eye you are able to see the world while holding this oh wait really oh snap let me switch just oh wait let me keep me communicator gonna do oh snap but we can't move that's the problem okay so let's go up all the way to this mountain and let's see if we can see like the whole entire world where's a mountain or kids up here oh oh oh what is that what is that I kinda what go towards that let's go towards that let's see what this thing is awesome so oh this is the witch shower can be destroyed using a cuticle cuticle cuticle however you say that so where do we get that umm I can destroy sleeping dragons let's. Just see if we can kill the dragon with this thing I just I just want to try it I just want to see I just want to see a regular dragon where they come on dragon where you at what there you are there you are nope nope not doing nothing okay but we can see everything now we have the power let me get up here and Bram do we seem to think that oh wait there's a glues right there okay I don't see anything down here though maybe the igloos is where we get that one item used to destroy that little wizard tower looking thing okay so let's go straight to the igloos shouldn't take too long because we're giants you know Giants walk pretty fast well we don't necessarily walk fast it's just that we're so big Wow there we go what is this I see fish you can move faster while holding this okay that's not really what I wanted um oh then we can move pretty fast though okay so we just gotta keep scanning oh wait there's some wood right there so you gonna pick that up I don't know if I really need the wood you just earned the achievement getting wood alright well thank you very much okay so let's keep running around here I want to go I still want to go up to that mountain and just use this all-seeing eye and just look around everywhere and see if we're missing anything oh my gosh okay so we're up here and we can literally see the whole entire map I'm not really seeing anything I don't really see like there's nothing in a desert besides that thing but we need that one thing to destroy it and I don't know where to get it from wait wait what about that one there was that one village where was it at I don't remember I don't remember where is it at um I feel like it was on the other side over here let me go look let me go look real quick come on I see fish you quick I see fish you got this I remember there was like a little village some type of village over here somewhere maybe I'm just thinking of something else I know I saw like a little oh you guys probably remember I don't come on my villager friends are counting on me the only friend I have that one villager just me and my village are gonna be destroyed if I don't save this big dragon okay so we gotta keep walking around here I know I remember that little tiny this this thing this thing how do we destroy this how do we destroy this what is this this has something to do I forgot with I forgot what it was what do we do dude what if we throw junk items on it maybe not that isn't do anything okay I'm just gonna take those and keep walking okay I don't know what to do okay maybe we should actually be smart and use the map because the Halla lose white points on it but we I don't think we've been to all of these white points so let's go to this first one I think this oh wait we can't run with this thing the fish I need my fish okay so this first one if I'm correct was the yes it was that okay so what's this next one over here let's keep going let's keep you out see if we use our resources maybe just maybe we might be able to defeat it okay so let's look at the map again um let's go was that this no that's the village so what is over here what is this way what is this there's something right over here Oh what tag is that what what is that Cyclops defeated using the sword okay okay what's on this buddy you want somebody's buddy I'll pack and I just can just okay I'm just gonna break you yeah goodbye go about what is that what the heck is that oh yeah ice can destroy which towers mermen house and villages that's what I'm talking about all right we're gonna go destroy that other village because I really wanted to destroy it cuz I want to know what it is I don't remember okay so let's go over here ooh where's this village it's all the way on the other side we've gotta run all the way over here there it is okay so let's destroy this thing what is that so an easter egg we didn't want you or we didn't want you unrewarded for coming here be sure to tweet us oh oh I see out it okay so let's run over this mountain and let's go get that dang where is it at that witch hut bang okay so let's go go on I'm excited for this I'm excited what I need to put the dragon to sleep so is this the is don't we use this thing to destroy oh wait yeah we do okay I was just wasn't clicking it right there we go what the heck is that all right all right chill chill there's a lot of loud noises I don't know what's happening what is going on oh my gosh okay.

Oh dragon sleeping look at that he's so. Adorable Tolu dragon sleep being all wouldn't it be sad if I came up and tried I'm yes we.

Have beat them up I am a giant and I have saved my village that poor dragon congratulations you defeated the dragon thank you very much thank you very much you are now free to mess with the map in creative mode oh snap oh so now we can just fly around and mess the things okay cool look at this this is sick who wants to go mining for some diamonds oh no oh no no no that's not good wait are those like giant command blocks oh that's so cool okay so oh my gosh this is absurd this.

Is absolutely absurd I want to destroy my own bit Oh with the power you received from suffering testificandum village you killed your friends family and neighbors but being evil it does make you feel stronger and you are able to see further than you ever believed was possible alright well I didn't expect to actually be able to kill my own village but I mean I guess it is what it is right boys let's go ahead and destroy this whole entire mountain this is so much fun it's just so addicting because it's like you destroy things so easily oh my gosh is absurd what if we like what if we take it out like a bow or something they got some arrows do I get like giant arrows too oh my gosh giant arrows wait what about TNT oh snap unspeakable has an idea indeed I do come and get this someone I'm a mother stop stop get it on Miami sorry boys I haven't I did indeed I do okay so all these weapons have like changed in order for the Dragon be possible oh my gosh giant TNT blocks we're about to blow up this world boys I really like that the map creator allowed us to play on the map in creative mode after we beat it like that's the ultimate reward let's be honest alright so I think that's pretty good we need more down the center right here and then we'll be good to go all right so we're gonna start a blowing this section over here I have no idea how this is going to go but we're a giant and this is giant TNT and oh okay do you do you just blow up one block you know you're not gonna blow up all of them you're not gonna actually blow up other blocks that's boring it doesn't even blow up the ground I. Have to go oh I can set giant things on fire look at that it doesn't even go up.

All right well that was completely pointless okay so what else is fun that we can do what about giant lava buckets oh snap so we can turn this giant mountain up here into like a giant volcano I wonder if the lava flows there's a flow please flow oh snap oh yes all right that is beautiful that is absolutely beautiful but I have a better idea I wonder if the mobs are also giant so what if we spawn in like is is there such things like giant slimes oh okay well they're not that big oh that pretty big all right I take that back they're pretty big they're pretty big okay but what if I spawn in like a giant or like a horse and ride it around look at me run so fast look watch if I push him okay let's spawn it some more look how fast they run wait for it all these horses are huge oh my gosh come on let me ride one please please oh my gosh there goes some TNT oh my gosh what is going on over there okay all right horse a you wanting to you want to cooperate my friend do you want a cop or corroborate okay this is just the mass this is absolutely a mess what about giant creepers how about a giant crafting.

Table yeah that's what I'm talking about all right well I think we've had enough fun with this map let's see if there's any cool things we can do giant bed a giant giant a dragon's head yes that's what I'm talking about alright guys well let's clear up our inventory here well thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you guys have enjoyed this was a pretty fun and quick map I thought it was going to be a little bit longer than that but it was fun it was fun it was fun messing around it was awesome map if you guys like to play there is a link in the description but guys thank you so much for what watching did it joy some glass there's probably some like invisible type of glass or something barrier there but guys with that being said hopefully you guys have enjoyed it with that being said go ahead and slap that like button slap the subscribe button if you guys want to see more content on the channel like this so also check out properties there's a link in the description it's an awesome YouTube gaming channel that I'm a part of we do some awesome non minecraft videos and if you're into that kind of stuff then check it out if you want to see me and a bunch of Awesome youtuber friends play some GTA Call of Duty modern Call of Duty and stuff like that then feel free to check out the channel there's a link in the description but that slimes on fire now it's dead and it turned into a bunch of little baby your slime smaller slimes but yeah but I hope you guys did enjoy the video I want to thank you guys so much for watching and I'll catch you guys later in another minecraft video I hope you guys can soon have a fantastic and safe rest of your day I'm gonna go jump in lava wait

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