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IGI 2: Bugs and secrets. Part 5: #61-75

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

IGI 2: Covert Strike. Bugs and secrets. Part 5: #61-75 // Баги и секреты. Часть 5: №61-75

Это пятое видео о багах в игре IGI 2: Covert strike. Приятного просмотра! Исчезающие стены, уклонение от пуль, оказаться за рулем грузовика, граната застряла в кустах, бракованные мины и другое.

Паблик вконтакте: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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Fifth video about bugs in IGI 2 : Covert Strike. Enjoy! Bullet evasion, disapperaing walls, how to appear at the truck wheel, defective mines, grenade stuck in bushes and other.

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Hello friends, with you Horned Reaper and Yes, It's real. I really.

Decided to record the bugs in IGI2. I did not make the video like this for quite a long time, so.

I decided to respond to requests and made it well, if you want to see rocket stuck in the bushes or how to be at the wheel of a truck, go! Perhaps we start with this the magical Chinese temple, wherever some walls are able to fade by.

Power of thought.

For some reason the first videos haven't this one of the first discovered bugs.

Perfectly working bug - tilted head.

It looks like someone didn't trust these poor ones live ammunition... In some missions.

If you meet the cut-scene with a thermal , it will be like this.

So hot!.

Yes, it's not always possible to charge RPG the first time.

Developers have banned use of the RPG-7 in the supine position, but.

Forgot to ban to take it.

Well, okay, but they can't hurt me here!.

But when I talked about how to be at the wheel, I didn’t mean drive a truck.

I used such glitch with gates in the last speedrun.

One more gate where you can slip through not opening.

Gates can not only be deceived, but also you can force the enemy to open them, as well as in.

The first part of the game.

Bought new Chinese mines - seller said good.


Further. Textural bug in the 19th mission.

Another place where you can climb the fence. It may be useful if you.

Scared of the objective for example. If we turn the 2nd gantry, then when we try to jump.

We appear on the top.

Another series of bugs about RPG. Charge RPG pierces the wall.

If you come close to it.

Do not repeat this at home! Never tried to shoot into the sky? Charge like.

Disappears, but after a minute or two will fall on your head, but it will fly like.

Snowflake and not any hurt player. Well the last bug that is closely related to.

Previous - this charge is absolutely not designed for a collision with a bush!.

Thanks for watching, put your finger if you like this video!.

Here I can add - it is known that the game IGI series are cult stealth shooters.

Of the beginning of 200X, but also we can look on STALKER as a true stealth.

Shooter. But you will see it in the next video !

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