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500 FANS vs WORLD'S TALLEST \u0026 SAFEST MINECRAFT HOUSE! w/ UnspeakableGaming

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Dude you're gonna need a lot more eyes and a lot more mouths for this video guys we are building the world's tallest house but it's also the world's most protected house we're gonna fill this whole house traps traps and we have moose just backup what's in this.

Container back here hundreds and. Hundreds of fans trapped in this container and yes we are on the squad server when we're done building this house we're gonna let them all out and they're gonna try to play through it so a brand new game mode on the squad server server that Nathan and me and Chuck are all together yeah every game boat is just slash your van you type in slash event and with everything we have you guys to be part of it so make sure your the server and give us a false media what we're gonna be announcing all of our future events yes yes traps giant.

Outs going buddy okay so the question is is how wide do we want this house to be we also have cyclone here helping us with a little bit of the builds as well he's mute yeah I don't think he can hear us like on you I don't think you can hear me he'll see this a lot all right.

All the fans can watch everything that we're building by the way okay so we need to build the world's all this house and only we should build it out of wood because that's gonna be pretty bad but it's really sitting we could do obsidian I guess we go no more spiral not that you play the spell parkour map Oh make it like that spiral map go around that's not a bad idea but instead dude lavas old-school honestly la is so cool cacti is where it's at my dude yo oh my bad my.

Bad I forgot two sets and down hold on give me a second.

No you did two layers low okay do it again do it again do it again it didn't work okay blame it what did not work they're growing so fast they're growing it's an army there's so many alright whatever flip the cactus alright cactuses are old school ayat let's do water alright water good old h2o alright I know the guys are.

Like grow magically growing in water okay dude we got water okay we're good alright let's build this flippin house okay here up top you guys do the slabs you guys just slept no no what you talking about me and cyclin are are arguing on our building he's still try to be whatever you can fix that into.

Your mess now okay are you building the walls of the house haha there we go okay we're gonna make this a lot higher I did Oh yo you know what'd be really funny okay so we should make half of this house just of ladder but going up the ladder there's traps there's skeletons there's dispenser wait what did you do you break the server oh you do this slash stack five did stack five okay I think that's.

Good okay alright what are you doing with all this water get rid of all the water dude there's so much water that wasn't me though what the heck is going on someone please drain all this water what is that wait how did I get all the way why is the whole entire wait why is.

The whole entire bottom story full of stone movie show what the flick did you do are you serious right now bro the whole bottom oh hey did stack five you took one layer of water from each five of those and then I blow down into a giant puddle of lye this thing is.

Full of water it's like the world do lupus minecraft pool all the fans are waiting dude we are as I saw all the.

Fans why did you put the outside of the.

House full of water making sense why is the outside layer of the house h2o we don't need h2o going down our house okay I'm gonna replace the water why is the cacti look alright so we're completely at the park or right Nathan I'm envisioning we do a giant ladder okay giant ladder go through that okay so we make this giant ladder and on the sides wait wait can you go to the back of this whoa did I do that so this giant ladder we should have a ton of traps going up the ladder so like skeleton traps the Spencer trap Oh blame arrows poison arrows just a ton of stuff yes side of the ladders and then but before you can go onto the ladder we should make a maze I think that's what Cyclones doings the beginning of this map is gonna have so many fans I mean we literally have I think we have 240 people online right now and it's probably gonna get up to 500 because there's just constantly more people joining but we need to make this first part of the map huge platforms and we need to make the maze pretty big because think about nearly 500 people running through there so I'm gonna go to put all the skills over here alright Oh like traps going up you sit up the arrow traps up with a skeleton over here I'm gonna duplicate on the other side and we'll even add like a witch and so on okay dude you know I hope you know you can't climb up this you can only climb up the opposite side these ladders are backwards what wait you should make that a troll that should be part of the troll oh this a lot of Yola this ladder is backwards and then you go up this way yo that's part okay I want to do both all the repeaters I'm not sure if it's possible okay yeah it is just back this up a little bit so you got a here just here I got you oh my head I'll make it gotcha gotcha I got you like this I got you got you got you how the did you do this I don't even know how to yo guys I'm sorry we're not we're not the best of redstone okay disconnect him from now. That's perfect man that is perfect so all we got to do now is doing you know multiple times so that's actually good things inside here dude yes oh it's beautiful okay okay okay we're gonna do.

Something else after this okay so after this I say alright yeah I got this said I so look at this mister so we need to do this up part or this upstairs part of the house so this is gonna be like the final stretch so what do you think we should put up here instead of ladders climbing we gotta do something I don't really know just do a parkour go straight up oh dude watch this I guarantee you a lot of fans won't get this just cuz it's not it's really easy but it's kind of complex low-key just because like okay here you build it you know what you're doing I'm gonna work on the outside a little bit more I'm also gonna see what's going on with the fans down here because there is too many.

People what you'll do coming oh my gosh. There's so many people okay no this is a pretty sick may sign hugs making down here I like it a lot okay so dude I think this house is just about almost ready all we gotta do you know this just makes that go all the way to the top and then you're the next layers look look at do - ooh do two stairs on the side here just like you did in the middle but not two of them on the side so fans have two options to go but do make them all ice make it all eyes make.

Them all eyes yes ice with soul sand under it oh you already know I'm a savage boy you are that's Meg there's so many of them come.

On we got okay I got you I I got y'all make it happen bro I got you boom okay there we go I'm gonna put some blocks on the ground oh you're actually doing it yeah so go up both ways make it exactly the same on both ways so they can pick which way they want to go I don't know if this arrow is big enough man it kind of looks a lob sidewise it look lopsided okay officially yo that is one giant area.

Great I got you go come look at the. Outside deck cyclone made this maze with a bunch of magma lava so you pretty much have to find your way through yo this is savage this is a pretty savage maze Oh. What you can't complete you can't.

Complete it no that's how you complete it hey wait. That's not that hard that's not that hard people will get that that's not that hard you sure yeah leave it leave it leave it you're enough you can't click on it it's the MA you're such a nub dude just let it be if a lot of.

People can't make it we can modify and change the course but like okay I want to see this upstairs part that you made is the upstairs part complete Oh down or a No alright so the person to make it up to the top is the winner would you do me. Anything ready hey Todd want me out of there date it we're about to start and.

Then we got this course up here so the first person up to the top to grab the diamond is the winner okay move are you ready for this I got a real quick I put down the regular blocks they have with them the ice and the block no I saw you upstairs it was awesome okay so I think we're ready cyclone is still working on some stuff up there but I mean it's gonna take them the fans a wild one up there he'll be done by time they get a moose are you ready - alright let me ask everyone it's broadcast are you guys ready alright let's do this what they just.

Came out like oh my god what the egg there's so many of them let's see what's going on we already got people going through oh people are falling in lava people are just trying to rush through this thing as fast as possible when they don't realize that there's a minecart right behind them that's what a minecart is that little hole right there they have to go with the minecart they'll figure it out eventually give him a second oh they got chokers going oh I.

Think people have found out about it I think some people have found out about it oh they're going through all their tried look this one guys trying to climb it all he went to the other side all right we got one smart person know we need to put the stuff on these dispensers connect the dispensers go all right I got the other side go go go oh.

My gosh dude so we have all these arrows firing they honestly they don't fire too quick you can you can kind of get through them there's so many fans in the.

Maze so confused of what bag - a lot of.

Traps and a ton of other things to help out yeah someone made it all the way up.

All right I'm coming oh boy oh boy someone made it all the way up here oh that savage moves if you push it off you got a teleporter back up here that would be pretty savage now you gotta wait til there's like hundreds of fans on the stairs and we'll do it oh I got you bro I got this is a final course right here and then when you walk up here there's a. So how many people are still on the outside right here this is time I gotta here though yo I'm gonna top with them all through they're all there okay no there's no one on the outside there's a couple people that are am saying no there's like I'm saying on the on the outside part core like there's no one so stuck out here pretty much everyone's on the way Oh what just happened where's everyone at i teleported everyone right through the stairs and I'm gonna pull the trollman Oh what the heck did you just do there are so many people in one block look how many people are in one block there is literally like 400 people in that one block oh my god all right.

Pull the troll oh yeah wait wait wait.

Till the first people get up to the top then do it okay three two all right go go go go go go people are responding.

Right now there's so many people you.

Just crushed everyone's dreams okay all right no no more like no wait how many.

People have made it up here there's a lot of people that have made it up here out here I want to try this real quick cuz I want to see how hard it is it's not right as long as you take your time on this this this is not hard at all I mean I know I'm in crazy mode but like still oh that salmon even see that noob. Lol wait now watch this put the doors.

Down to zero no that's so savage okay.

Wait you know we should actually do moose the the okay so we shouldn't even put the diamonds in here watch watch this we make it a troll okay so take the Diamonds out of here yeah and we should actually put the diamonds on the backside of the house so we'll do some parkour right here and then the diamonds are actually gonna be right here there we go so the diamonds are actually on the back side of the house everyone probably thinks they're in here actually no no just put a chest because that's mysterious I know what's inside yeah there you go put a chest and put some chests in there but actually you have to go around this way and there's actually a hall that kind of a head jump right there I guess that's kind of a head jump yeah a little bit oh okay yo oh my god.

We got yo we got some people making it up hey we got one guy make it up yo.

Don't you fail this don't you fail this you got this take your time I'm gonna root this guy on Diamond boy 8000 if you fail this there's oh there is a lot of people watching you on YouTube just and.

Dude if if you know Manuel blocks this part is so easy all you have to do is crouch when you crouch on magma blocks they don't give you damage oh yeah there you go he's got it so the people that don't know that are really gonna suffer if not die from this so oh there's a.

Random barrier blocks oh no that's so.

That's so you know there is still a ton. Of fans down here on the maze right now I know people are still trying to get through the maze I guess there's just so many people in this corner they can't actually grow the minecart wait what happened yeah they moved in my cart they they moved oh oh wait no there's still some more man cards I'll reset them I'll reset them Lord I'll reset these mine carts Oh No.

Yeah most of most of them won't even realize that you just made a giant hole in the wall I'll probably think it's just part of the maze of there he went through and they're like all.

Right so we got know some people are poor settlers in how they got to they're like what I know right this is honestly what if you put a shoulders ridiculous what did you put a shoulder we someone made it wait all the way to the top we have they open the doors it's gizmo did she not fall for the door oh wait what did you do set home that's.

Pretty sad I didn't know you could do that no oh no she's going for it again she's going for it again oh he's alright the block is he gonna pretty good a break you I mean she has she has a set home command right there so like you know to be fair she could just you can teleport right smart what a smart player. But cheating the system a little bit but a smart player full but oh we got another person coming up on the macro blocks show there's not any barrier blocks on the Magma's there no there's not okay oh he is he's coming up how does he wait how did he know to not go to the variable cyclone no you're probably standing on it hey you can't do that you can't do that you can't modify the core some people are in the middle doing what are you doing cyclone tp'ing.

Back up here cyclones a savage all right yeah I know.

I saw him he was right in front of me okay alright ITP didn't back up here.

This is where it was I'm sorry you got trolled by cyclone my dude there you go you're back like a yeah dude it's all you it's all you you were up here till cyclone terribly trolled you for no reason which was not fair because you made it fair and square so if you can try to make it to the rest there you go there you go if someone closes what are you guys doing you reveal secrets top secret stuff rose you see cycle are you okay all right there is so.

Many people that have made it up to the top now it is ridiculous his name is ninja crafter ninja crafter one three five Oh ninja plans are one three five yo we got like hundreds of a fire skeletons on top of the house at the top so if you come up here please be careful with you come yeah I do there is.

So many people making up here but also many people failing and not making it up here oh yeah do that all right let's cut off the rest of the course I think everyone's had enough of the rest of the course probably about to suffocate some people but oh well oh poor there we go people all right we're probably suffocating some people I'm sorry I'm sorry I just played okay that's cool I'd eat and then we'll top row in here no that's a bad idea that's gonna just that's just gonna kill the server completely all right we got someone coming up there we got someone coming up oh oh oh snap oh snap. Oh okay we need to get rid of all these skeletons excuse me skeletons you're not allowed up on the roof anymore I'm sorry you gotta go and get another person who also snaps there oh oh snap oh snap you got I can't be on YouTube it's just.

I move there's people trapped under.

There did you set the world spot yeah I can't go make them come here let's see like there's people there's so many people trapped I there I trapped the tunnel at in command but it's okay we. Need to get okay here I haven't I I know how to get rid of all these people alright social sir love that.

Should get rid of everyone that should get rid of they're all standing on so everyone let's spawn just also some lava Oh No are you serious are.

You six to some fixes I promise hey it's.

All fixed it's all fixed it's all good oh we got a ton of people there's another one in the troll that's three.

Right after another and they all saw each other fall into that and they still were like oh maybe it's a good idea oh do this fart you know they sit there they sit there were the home spawn here oh they are playing it smart okay we got danger 89 okay so the first person like I said first person to make it over to these diamonds is the winner how did not fall how did he not how do.

You not fall how how do you make it through that bro I think you know I.

Can't believe no one's made it yeah I really think I honestly thought this course that we made was somewhat easy I don't told you man it's simple boy like this this parkour right here is probably like most of you might say it's the easiest parkour but it I think this is actually the hardest part core it's such a simple jumps but like literally no one's big what if I did set won't spawn I feel like this was low-key be a bad idea I'm just gonna do it sir world spawn oh you said it so now everyone starts on the ice okay oh so we're just fall again oh he's get that set home. Commit I'll be just fall through it again yeah but he's still he's still confused he still thinks the diamonds are in the chest when really there's a secret part it's not even that secret. Brother you can literally see it from here like you we're just rolling people to the hardcore in this video dude this is epic next-level trolling bro that's what it is man nice little trolling you know I said people spawn porn right here and there's still dying I think fewer people coming through where oh they're all spawning down there okay we got a couple more people come on someone make your blocks.

Right here I promise it's only right there it is gonna be okay oh wait now he's still good he's so good he's still good he's doing right through there oh.

Wait no no he might be smart about it oh no nevermind no matter yep 1% right. They're all looking up at us come on dude you've made it all the way up here you've made it so far you didn't just fall this dingy what stand right here is this like they're.

Just gonna run straight through and be like oh dude you got this you got this you got this you guys come on percent.

Wall to Nolan I feel the OP that that was an album everyone's getting out respawn over here okay everyone spawn here oh my gosh yes do it the other one at us okay buddy you gotta do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it oh wait so figured out yeah that's it home command so I don't know about that dude they haven't figured it out guys not even made the.

Jump yeah he's so scared he thinks this thing's full of barrier block I just. Jumped off spawn point all the way up.

Here alright now who's gonna make it alright alright I got you I got you troll yeah so they're gonna see me and moose they're gonna back straight through the barrier blocks dude it is.

It's working so well there's so many people I mean it is a little laggy we know but there's so many people that are jumping in - it pretty much has destroy the server like multiple times today I think it's had enough I was honestly do we have like over I think there are people online and we made like 120 people rich grade or harnessing yeah Oh one person has made it through but will actually make it to the other side I'm gonna go in game-mode spectator so they can't see me like fly behind here dude there's so many people we have a winner Andrew zero.

Zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero four bunch of zeros for that is our winner congratulations bro yeah we'll definitely yo we're gonna hook them up with a rank on the squad server we want to thank all of you guys so much for coming out and also we do want to say one thing moose this server that we're on is our server look at this if you do slide that hub look if you do slash hub deal with the screen right there in a second there we go we are on the squad MC so this is the server guys let me show you something really cool so whenever we're doing custom events like the whole entire video that you just watched we don't read on the server do slash event and it will take you over oh yeah like so left 1.4.2 so you're doing the server let's go and see that do slash of it and it'll take us right over here so guys we want to thank you all so much for watching hopefully you guys have enjoyed it this absolutely ridiculous video please go ahead and take us out in a beautiful out you want to see next and.

Go like a squad disk or awesome stuff down below is good

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