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СТАЛКЕР: Секреты и баги. Секреты на Свалке, Агропроме, Летающие трупы. часть 4 (#61-85)

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Hello friends, Horned Reaper with you and now going on the theme of bugs and secrets in STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl Let's start from secrets. In second video I said about secrets on Cordon.

But one missed. Right side of the roadblock there is a bunch of ammo in these bushes..

Now my conscience on cordon is clear and let's go to landfill. Near the abandoned cars.

In one of the trucks you can find a silencer. Also you can pick up some goods in pools.

Stall near stalker "Imp". Here is 150 ammo from AK, some ammo from MP5,.

Bandages and medkit. Modified mp5 is in corpse in the end of tunnel on the way to "agroprom"..

There is a big bunch of armorpiercing ammo from MP5 here..

Oh god! You are so generous today! After destroying gangster camp if to keep way to west.

We'll see this picture: the wall of strong anomalies and several artifacts near it. Here is.

Expensive rarely artifact - soul. But it is in the anomaly. I know two ways to get it. Run through this wall.

Only keep this direction, take some things which you can get and kick by bullets the remains..

Coming back is same. So the soul is here! But not which one that I sold for a like.

But it's good too. Second way is on the edge of this zone..

You must have a couple of antirads and medkits for it..

There are a lot of artifacts on tops of the iron bunches. Especially north bunch. Here is a rarely artifact "empty"..

But it's difficult to find it because strong radiation and light-struck effect..

Now go to Agroprom. This location is just buried in artifacts..

It's everywhere! Along the road, in tunnel and especially on the edges of location..

Box near the barrier - killer's suit..

There is expensive artifact - "battery" firstly meeting in swamp..

South edge of location, closed gates. Here are two expensive artifacts: night stars..

In the underground you can find two "vyverts" near the shooter's stash. under stairs and here..

Sea urchin - next one expensive art near the bloodhunter.

And especially for two men who don't know that shooter's stash has some goods..

Modified AK, ammo, gang-jacket and fireball. Now the time of bugs has come. Bugs of this group..

In the second video I said about breaking doors and accidentally showed a bug which can kill.

On try of breaking. Let's number it here. Then, rarely event: corpse in air..

What's going on here??.

Mines works many and many times..

Militaries does a strange things sometimes..

For example threesome....

Jerks. Although... Guys! Wait for me!.

Sucks once again... Cool stalkers show their skill by.

Aiming and sometimes shooting to the side..

Using bug #56 we can come in to the bar and then guard will go away. Probably cuted part of game in.

Which main character could go inside..

Next bug - take off of artifacts. This artifact don't want to be got by trader so much.

Sometimes it takes off to the space..

By the way its working on other bodies too..

This guy really can break the brains....

And now presenting a... SuperSnork.

Although monolith can do it same I cleared this place, walking here and... Devil has come and start doing magic..

How do you think where is he?.

Here is. He getting me from hell. But this is just the beginning.

Man, I'll get you! You know, I believe it.

All right, here we go. Seems like karma has come for me. So I died. But more interesting.

After that. I traced him.

This is one of monolith which I did not kill on the antennas. He took the time to walk.

Through half map!!!.

So that such true story. Like video if you like it and next video will be about new.

Group of bugs. Good bye!

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