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STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. Stealth on Escape and Agroprom

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Тень Чернобыля, Стелс-прохождение на Кордоне и Агропроме в дневное время. Это видео раскрывает игру S.T.A.L.K.E.R. как полноценный Стелс-шутер. Здесь показано что возможно пройти стелс-задачи по краже документов даже днем.

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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This video shows that STALKER is a true stealth shooter. Here is shown that stealth-objects with stealing documents are possible even at daytime

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Hello. With you the Horned Reaper and Today we continue the topic of stealth in the stalker.

This time I'll show you how to steal the documents on the cordon and agroprom.

Unnoticed and without making any murder. To get a job to this roadblock.

Possible after lab x-18. According to the plot all these stealth tasks performs.

At night but we are not looking for easy ways and we will make it at daytime. Use the secret number.

41 from 3d video about bugs or rather tree fallen on the fence..

At night most of the guard is dormant, but now we must act carefully.

But perhaps flying bolts are the usual natural event.

Here we climb on the bed and take box from low-sit with extreme position.

<Commander: Red alert! The box was stolen! Find this son of a bitch>.

Now the fuss is starting. Stealth on agroprom afternoon..

Don't rush here, wait.

Here you have to wait for the one at doors.

Now don't breathe.

Would be a little more and he noticed me. And here need special reception -.

Distraction by the sound of a knife here, and this is the bastard who does not give pass.

A little scared one and sent catch his breath and if we didn't.

This, he would stop at the entrance and go backwards. Then we would not have passed this.


A guy cured his shortness of breath as well means we crawl on.

Hell, they surrounding me! And this one will appear at the entrance soon again!.

Finish, hardest thing behind, and main ithing is do not forget the box!.

<Trader: Tagged, I told barman about you, he must negotiate with the duty>.

<Trader: so they will let you go, so put your legs in your hands and go to him!>.

No, it’s better your legs in your mouth.

And here it is necessary to try not fall like a bag of bones.

All run away from here!.

<Commander: bastards! I am ... they are ... ah ... I'll shoot all the bitches, red alert!>.

Thank you for watching and in the next video I will show what and how to change in the game to become real cheater. See you!

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