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Работают ли навыки из игр (шутеров) в реальности? Проверим! Игра против реальности. Часть 1

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Without any doubts, shooters are the most popular genre of computer games. These are the games where you can shoot using different weapons and be a part of a real battle. And, as a rule, if you're playing alone you can easily handle computer opponents but in online shooters, it can be hard to win the fight with another player. Every online shooter has its own tricks which allow you to beat an opponent and win the fight. But there are common skills which, one way or another, work almost in any game. Someone, who has mastered them perfectly, won't be hanging out at the bottom of the leaderboard. So, what are these skills? Are they real battle techniques, transferred into the world of shooters? Or they are gaming techniques built in virtual reality? In Taganay team we've decided to check which skills work in reality. Using airsoft guns and firearms, we have tried strafe, pre-fire, leaning and other skills. Even we were surprised by the result, so stay tuned! Attention! This video is an entertaining and educational study of game mechanics and does not call to violence..

Strafe So, the first skill is strafe. In video games, it is side-step moving on the ground..

Strafe is moving option, but it is used in shooters to work with the shelters, as well as to evade enemy attacks. Indeed, it is much harder to shoot at the enemy who is constantly moving left and right, leaving the line of fire, yet returning fire. It turns out the player, against whom we use strafe, had not only to control the gun, but constantly move it, trying to keep up with enemy movements. Besides, in some games, muzzle blast or shot effects make you fail to spot on time new enemy path lines. So, in all modern shooters strafe is a popular and essential mechanics, which can also help to assess the player's skill..

And if we add unexpected or constant jumping here, the vertical moves will be added to the chaotic horizontal ones. Of course, the more arcade the game is, the more prevalent these tricks are. But even in hardcore games like ARMA, Escape from Tarkov or Insurgency the strafe is used quite often. But will this trick work in real life? Let's check. On the one hand, why not? Everything is logical – you get out of the fire line, move chaotically and it becomes harder to shoot you. Yes, you aren't dodging from bullets, but you're confusing the shooter as he doesn't know what is your next step or jump. There are several "buts". The first one. Something that doesn't cause any difficulties in games requires serious physical training in reality. To show something similar to strafe in games, you need a lot of practice on leg strength and coordination development. It's because you need to move the gravity center to make the body leave the fire line, but not just to step right or left. The constant movement of the gravity center will lead to the body sway, and it will be difficult to control and change the movement direction. So instead of strafing, most people will simply trample on the same place. And only special forces soldiers will show something really similar to strafe. Another "but". It's common to use sudden dodge to the right/left or down in gun duels and in airsoft. So, it's a strafe and it works! Yes, it works until we use automatic weapon. The firing speed of the modern automatic weapon allows you to bump the strafer off in one burst. But in reality, compared to the games, you need one shot to end the fight. One, Carl! And it totally changes the situation. During strafe in shooters you can be shot, but not as much as if you had remained in place or run straight to the enemy. But in real life, one shot and that's that. Do you want to take the risk? It turns out that, in reality, it is more important to shoot more precisely and faster yourself than to dodge a part of the bullets. Also, in games, you have to move your eyes and the weapon to one side at the same time, so in close range you can lose the track of your enemy. Yet, in a reality, you will track enemy movement with eye motion (or turn of the head) and you can easily adjust the position of the arms..

In light of this, the practical use of strafe is a big question. But! Yes, there is one more important "but". Is it possible to shoot precisely the moment you strafe? In games, when you strafe, fire dispersion doesn't increase a lot. But let's check what happens in reality. Here we shoot without strafing, and now try to shoot in motion..

You see the result. It's rather difficult to hit someone while strafing. Aiming sight is unstable, sight and front are not together and, in fact, even automatic fire mode won't help you. And what is the result? It turns out that the main skill of all shooters isn't useful in real life. Yes, there are some certain situations it is either moving at a sufficiently large distance or gun fights, but actually, there shouldn't be any situation in real life where you have to use strafe. Generally, you move from cover to cover and no one jumps around each other on an open area. This is purely a gaming сonvention due to the fact that in games you can't be killed with a single bullet. Unfortunately, in real life, it doesn't work like that. The gun VS reloading The gun VS reloading Classic skill for shooters that works almost in any game. For some reason, it is quicker to grab the gun, instead of reloading. Moreover, in games, it looks like the gun has already been hidden in the player's sleeve as it appears so fast, and has been cocked and with safety taken off. Yes, when you don't have bullets in terms of game shooting, it's important to fire as soon as possible, so you will have more chances to destroy the enemy. But does it take more time to replace the magazine than to take out a gun?.

It is so almost in all games. But what's in reality? In reality, everything will depend on whether the pouches are in the convenient and place for you. By the way, this detail isn't used almost in any game. But we move on. Let's make the access to new mags and gun equally convenient. For example, imagine that we have an AK-74M. AK doesn't have a slide stop and there is no way to send the cartridge in the chamber using a separate button. So, if you completely shot the mag out, you will need to: extract empty mag from the weapon, get a new one from the pouch, stick it in the gun, to cock the shutter. Only now you can shoot again. Without training, this process takes a lot of time, but, of course, the military does this automatically and very quickly. Unfortunately, I don't have such experience, so it takes me about 5 seconds to change the mag and the best time is 4,17..

And how quickly can I take out the gun?.

2 seconds! Wow! It's 2 times faster than to change the mag..

OK, then what happens if all manipulations will be made by the person who hasn't hold the weapon in hands for 7 years?.

So the result is obvious – it's faster to take out a gun! Of course, we remember that the weapons based on the AR-15 can be reloaded faster, but even here you can take out the gun faster. Actually, it's a separate topic, whether such a skill might be handy in a real fight and how to get in a situation where you have to change the mag outside the cover being shot by the enemy..

It's more important that in the experiment, we found out that in reality, the skill of taking out the gun works better than changing the mags!.


Leaning Imagine that there is room. The enemy is waiting for you there and keeps a bead on the entry. Perhaps he isn't alone. What would happen if you just break into the room? Most likely, you would be filled with bullets and strafe wouldn't help. The chances to win here are very small. Leaning is the skill, more typical for hardcore games. Clearing room, don't hurry to break into but look it over, moving step by step, using the doorway as cover, gradually expanding the sector. This way you need to control only the part of the cover because the enemy can appear only there. Thus, if the enemy is waiting for you, you're ready to see him in high attention sector (and the weapon is already aimed there)..

So, you both have equal chances to win. Moreover, this method works with any cover. The only difference is that clearing the room, you know that there is no one in the part you've looked over, otherwise, there is a risk that the enemy can pop out somewhere outside the narrow sector of high attention sector. As a rule, in arcade shooters, we don't use leaning, because they require actions and reaction. But in tactical games like Escape from Tarkov, Squad or ARMA this skill is very popular. You get an extra bonus if the game allows you to lean and peek from the cover..

If you do it right, the enemy won't see you, but only the weapon and your head. Of course, if you won't see him first..

But what happens if you use this skill in reality? So, there are two enemies in the room, and we are going to сlear it. First, let's try to be unexpected and rely on our reaction. No, it doesn't work. In reality, the chances of survival in such a situation are equal to zero, as the first bullet will determine the outcome of the battle. You won't have a chance to dodge or to strafe. Now let's try to clear up the room from the hallway, using leaning. Slowly, step by step. Lean to the right so as not to show up from the rim of the cover. And oh my god! You won't believe me, but the enemy didn't even realize how he was killed. If used properly, this method allows you to spy and kill the enemy first! There are significantly more advantages than in the computer game! How does it work? It's very easy. If while leaning, you will set the weapon and your eyes in one line, fix the elbows, and thus, minimize your silhouette, the first thing that appears from the cover is your weapon and your eye. If the enemy took the position, squaring his knee or elbow, you will see it, while the enemy won't see you. If in reality, you are leaning correctly, you don't just equal the chances, but get a significant advantage over the opponent, who's waiting for you. So, leaning works better in reality than in games. But, no doubt, in reality, a bombshell is the best option to clear up the room..

Grenade ricochet.

Grenade ricochet Almost all shooters have the ability to throw grenades. And almost always their real power is reduced by 10 times to maintain the balance and gameplay. However, hand grenades in games are still a cogent argument, especially against the enemy entrenched in a room or a cover. One good throw and a safe cover turns into a death trap. In some games, as in the Battlefield series, grenade spam is a real problem that developers don't know how to solve, but in more arcade games there are no such problems with grenades, and in hardcore games, on the contrary, grenades are very effective. But sometimes throwing a grenade in the right place is difficult. In these cases ricochets really help because grenades ricochet from the walls like rubber balls..

That allows us to throw them at very unexpected angles into different very unexpected places into different very unexpected places. And not so much the distance of the throw is surprising as the number of the ricochets. Is it true that in real life grenades can also ricochet off the walls at almost any angle without losing their energy? For our test, we've used airsoft grenades, smoke grenade RDG-2B and educational RGD-5 grenade..

Airsoft grenades are lighter than military ones, always made of plastic, and their ricochet is almost the same as the ricochet of grenades in games. Maybe a little less. By the way, the ricochet off the walls at an obtuse angle is really good..

The grenade which is thrown at an acute angle rather quickly loses its energy and drops almost under the wall, against which it was thrown. Sometimes with a minimal rebound. A similar situation with a smoke grenade. It has a bigger weight, but at an obtuse angle, it has a great ricochet, which allows you to lay a smokescreen, without getting under the enemy's fire..

With an educational RGD-5 grenade the situation is more interesting. Due to its heavy weight, while hitting the wall at an acute angle, i.e. an angle of less than 90 degrees,.

It significantly loses its speed and falls down with a minimal rebound. However, sometimes it rolls to the place you need, but don't count on this that much. But there is no problem with the ricochet at an obtuse angle – angle more than 90 degrees. Just like in the games. Moreover, this grenade has a round shape and heavy weight so it rolls perfectly. This again gives you an opportunity to perform a tactical maneuver..

So real grenades ricochet off the walls almost the same as the grenades in computer games. But ricochet can be slightly less at an acute angle. Probably, the professional skill of throwing grenades ricocheting off three walls to the window in real life won't be useful for you at all. Just because if a throw and a ricochet of the grenade provide a certain probability that this grenade will return to you, you'd better not to throw it. Real grenades have an effective casualty radius from 25 to 60 meters but not 2-3 meters, as in most computer games. So you can throw them only if you're sure that they will go to the place you want, and most importantly if you're sure that you have a cover to hide in..

Close quarters.

Close quarters All gamers know that if the enemy is near, and he is standing back to you, you don't need to risk trying to shoot him. Because he can turn around and shoot back, and then we cannot be sure who will win. It's better to run up and take the enemy out with a bayonet, a knife or the butt. Or with an ax, if you're a fan of "Tarkov". In the shooters, if the enemy is near, you more often drop your weapon aside and stab your enemy with a knife..

Why? Because, as I've said, in games when you face to face with your enemy, it is easy to get confused and lose sight of him. As a rule, there are no such problems with a close-quarter weapon. Also, for kills in the close quarters you are often given different types of bonuses, and for the enemy, it is really humiliating. So close combat and cold gun are all we need in close range fights. How to deal with it in reality? On the one hand, well, why not? We've seen it over 100 times in movies. A special operations soldier crawls towards the unsuspecting enemy and silently cuts the enemy's throat or hit his head with a butt. Effectively, secretly, as it should be..


I want to paraphrase one saying "for joining the close fight or close range fight with a cold gun a special operations soldier needs to lose his automatic rifle and a pistol on the battlefield ". What does it mean for us? It means that in real life reliability is very important..

WASTED Do not forget that fighters in real life are always have a heavy load of gear on them: armor vests with collars, basin hats, pouches. It's almost impossible stab your enemy at the right place or stun him.

And when you try to get closer, you will probably be stopped with a help of firearms..

*WASTED* Because the firearms are cool: they are reliable and effective. And using a cold gun and a close fight you can take an unnecessary risk, which even a special operations soldier wouldn't take..

So the gaming habit - to start a close fight or grab a knife at any moment should remain only in games. But in reality, a cold gun is used not so often and only in specific situations..

Pre-fire is one of the most popular and effective gaming skills. It consists in the fact that when the location of the enemy is known in advance, and you are going to attack, then you need to start shooting before going to the target. It's made in order to shoot the enemy as many times as you can. Often these fractions of a second that you win, taking into account other equal circumstances, can decide the outcome of the duel. Also, this works when you are expecting the enemy from behind the cover, and start shooting even before he appears. That again gives you an advantage. The method has also disadvantages. In particular, in games where you need to control your weapon, at the time of the contact with the enemy, scattering can become really great, and half of the bullets will probably go by. And shot flashes can prevent noticing your enemy changing his position or laying down..

But what's in reality? We check it on the airsoft. We know that the enemy is behind a cover, that's why we start shooting in advance, and almost for sure hit him before he hits us. Moreover, the efficiency of this method gets a bit higher while using the airsoft guns. Airsoft gun doesn't have a jump. It is not necessary to control it and it has no muzzle blast. So those pre-fire's disadvantages, that we have in shooters, do not exist in airsoft. There are some nuances in pre-firing with a real military weapon..

Although the method will definitely work, these peculiarities will limit its application so much. The thing is that you will face some difficulties with the flash, jump, and control of the military weapon..

If you turn off an automatic mode, it's not a good idea to go round and sight with a firing weapon..

You just don't see where you are shooting. And is the enemy still there or has already moved. The second thing is that facing the enemy while pre-firing with a military gun, you need to estimate the surface around you because it will take your first shots..

So at best you will have concrete or brick crumbs on your face, at worst - bullet..

So in real life pre-fire can be useful, but can't be applied anywhere. For example, for meeting the enemy at the exit of the cover..


Hipfire is a well-known feature of all modern shooters..

The weapon can be used in two modes: hipfire and sight shooting. During a hipfire you don't waste your time on shouldering arms and aiming. You just shoot in front of you. The accuracy in this mode is significantly reduced. It's hard to hit the enemy within long range. It is possible only accidentally. Best use this fire mode within close range in a room or in the trench..

Also, during a hipfire, the mobility is higher. Moreover, you can strafe, jump and so on. In fact, the entire game fighters in shooters are running around, holding their weapon right from the hip. And there is a serious inaccuracy. Find your own hip.Yeah, everybody has it, and not only one. For you to know, a hip is an upper part of your leg. That's why calling this "hipfire" is wrong. "Waist-fire" is more correct. Well, it's just a detail. How does it look like? Remember Soviet movies about war. Soviet soldiers and Nazis used automatic weapons to fire from the waist. Accuracy of that shooting was minimal. Even within a close range, it's hard to predict the direction of bullets without an accurate aiming-line. *hipfire* In order to shoot anybody, fighters usually move their weapon in an arc or circumferentially to compensate for a low accuracy by increasing the density of fire. In that case, it's hard to control the weapon, so the recoil is higher too. Take a look now. No one holds a weapon at the waist in games! No one! Just look. In the third-person mode, we see all the characters holding their weapon near the shoulder,.

Although they're hipfiring. This is how you see it in a first-person mode. You almost can't see a weapon! Now the weapon is near the shoulder. And it's exactly what we see in most computer games! What is the difference between this position and the sighting one? Actually only in the bend of the head! In the aiming mode, you bend your head to the aiming sight, and in a "shoulder mode" your head is straight to assess the situation. The position of the weapon itself practically does not change. So then the accuracy of fire "from the shoulder" and fire in the aiming mode at short distances should not differ significantly. In fact, this is a snap shooting weapon is in firing position, but you can't control it by the sights. *from the shoulder* We'll carry out the experiment. I'm shooting from the shoulder, and now I'm trying to shoot in aiming mode..

Yes, indeed, the accuracy of unaimed shooting is a little lower. Also, shooting within a medium or long distance without sights is not possible. However, controlling the jump of the weapon in this position is better than in hipfire. So there is a lie in the games. Characters hold their weapons near the shoulder, but the accuracy and the dispersion of fire look like they're shooting from the hip, as in a parallel fire. You can see this discrepancy mostly in hardcore games so that it looks even more stupid. Respect to those games where they draw a weapon right near the hip both in the first and the third person modes. In real life, hipfire is used rarely, and only in specific situations. It's possible because of gun belts and the design of modern weapons. The weapon is often located near the shoulder or on the chest, while we're moving. butt plate stays near the shoulder, right hand holds the pistol grip and the barrel is put down for holding the left-hand grip. From this position, in a split second, you can start using the weapon in the aiming mode, or snap shoot from the shoulder. But games usually lie, giving out snap shooting for a hipfire. Don't believe it!.

So we've looked through several popular game skills from the point of their effectiveness in reality. But remember: violence is bad. It should remain only on the screen! In the real world, there are no rebirths and checkpoints. And the best way to feel like a hero of a shooter in real life is airsoft. In this video, I've mentioned not all of the game mechanics, but there is more to come in the future videos. If you like this type of videos - click the "like" button, share it with friends. If this video is popular enough, I will make the second part. What other skills do you want to check write down in the comments below. Despite the fact that this video required a lot of time and financial investment, it was interesting for me to conduct this little research and I hope you will appreciate it. Special thanks to the fighters of my team: Filin, Synoptik, Lyofis, Nechto, Morgan, Robin and Valery Zhandarov from VooDoo Team for their help..

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and VK group. It was Daniil from Taganay channel. See you soon, bye!

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