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Dead Space 3 - Скоростное прохождение [Speedrun]

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Скоростное прохождение популярный игры Dead Space 3 на хардкорном уровне сложности.

by Sahail 'Tenshouha'

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The fuck you doing man Carver what are you doing in my apartment we're.

Not in your apartment we're not supposed to be anywhere always.

Dead that doesn't make any sense.

Isaac you activated the codex the moon felt we fell what about the alien machine it froze the planet it pulled a moon out of the sky we don't know what that technology can do so that's it we were saved by fucking aliens I quit trying to make sense of it all back on the Ishimura come on this can't be real. Well what are we supposed to do now well for starters get the hell out of here and go where back to earth yeah if we're. Dead we can do what we want right.


Come on looks like this is the only way.

So where are we don't know buried. Underground I cast keep in mind.

So we did kill the moon there it is I was way over there his orbit must have carried it westward as it was pulled down by the machine I still don't understand how we survived.

Any we did wide know if I was dead man.

I don't even know what dead means anymore Irene neck and worse is this what they feel like after them after the marker reanimates them could you be any more crazy hell no we are not Necromorphs we killed the thing that makes them at least we don't have to put up with that shit anymore yeah.

No more moon no more marker signal no more nothing worse at least that's on her site yeah now we're just stuck on this godforsaken planet Dannic had a strong contingent down here hunting us one of their ships has to be around here now that's a good idea let's get looking dead boy that's not funny yeah it is hey where you going we'll find a ship quicker if we split up bad monsters are.

Dead Isaac we want just call me the Farb.

Garbage yes just some weird shit yeah how's that possible go hey don't freak out if you find a bench use it. Load up just in case.

We killed you I know they're over here.

Too oh we must have missed something I don't know.


You're all away now a weak and hungry but where is it take us home Isaac make us all.

The other bones they're awake what this moon was the contact of the others before we could kill it then we really have to get to earth and warn everyone but I don't think they know where earth is going military the fuck everybody.

Ships we sit up there kicking it off there's not gonna be any man.

Crap there goes another one we're gonna get.

Harboring it's not just us everyone is going to size it up here.


Of course here it's just a little.

Oh no oh no what now the shock drive on.

This thing is out it's only got impulse so we're stuck - stuck on this star.

System we can make it as far as the Pattillo we'll just have to find something up there to play with we'll make it home don't worry worry I don't know if I'm dead or alive what's the worry.

Let's pull in here terranova why I'm. Reading one of you too tall and just transponders it's coming from the krail what happened to the other ships one up in the minefield I guess keep scanning for ships that are intact I'm gonna have a look at this one Wow looks pretty messed up doesn't have a shock point got it what the hell for.

We get surfing on to the Terranova I'm gonna head in yeah yeah okay you you check the bridge I'll poke around an engineer.

If anyone out there is your same job to pinch the plan we thought we could use disappear after the power of shock point drive but they've taken it to the conning tower at mid-station and locked me out if you can get to the bridge there should be a way to defeat the lockdown but you'll need to well time for you to join the church brother.

Figure that yeah yeah you see people if the lockdown.

For three this alpha Garver I'm hanging to the DRAM I should have a shock point drive so good I'm not far from the reactor I'm gonna go see what shape it's in you all right voices in my.

Head they want me to let me lead them well don't listen to them we need to get home what if that's what they want us to do Isaac when people hear voices in their heads it means they're going crazy you are going crazy all right now get the fucking shock point drive shit.


I think what happened I don't know I thought okay okay we got to get out of. Here before you turn into a basket case can you reach the conning tower yeah.

Is your soul prepared to feed them or will you be judged unworthy and cast aside join me as we build a new church together not of brick and mortar but a flesh and blood during me in a tribute so glorious that thousands themselves will take notice they are coming my brothers and we will be ready.

Now all right I see you approaching.

Don't be afraid all are welcome to be a part of our church over here and hear the tongue.

That you'll be spread their word or add that you may understand.

Prepare yourselves the way that you maybe.

What do you want from me hey take it easy we doing huh are we go.

Fuck it.

It's crawling.

Way to earth Isaac.

I found it Carver great now let's go. Home no one.

There's time to warn everyone Isaac we can save Elly chuckles no I did bring the drive to the reactor you got to do this for me man yeah I'll bring it to the reactor so I can throw it in then we blow the whole thing to help.

George Campinas home nigga so.

To you I think your brain is but fuck ever Cynthia shamora one way or another I'm taking that shot point Ryan I'm not gonna let you kill him you were just violent or died Ana Compton you knew what was at stake it's your fault.

I'm coming Carberry and you better stay the hell out of my way.


The plane was dangerous but super professional adaptive of the shuttle you have three reactor by overloading a reactor core we thought we could generate enough energy to power I guess I'll never know the madness has torn us apart we stopped listening to each other stopping working together said she carry my faith my whole life only to lose it right before I died there is no hope for.

A future no birth just death for all of.

Us now all right engineering and repair.

Far enough Isaac Carver Ulsan the door I can't let you blow up the ship now you're gonna earn the shock point drive over to me you got that if you wanted you're gonna have to come in here and take it from me fine your funeral.

Your attention I will let you leave before I do whatever the fuck I have to.

- she hold still god damn it.

Even now when you feel it teeming with life teeming with markers from each world we devour a new brother will rise and mate or our network will grow and we. Will live.


You can profit but you can't kill God my.

Chance to warrior the sky.

Oh God just trying to slow a newer earth.

Was all along we're headed there right now you have a shock point drop yes look I'm gonna get this reactor going get to the bridge as fast as you can and get it prepped for flight hey doing this yeah cover we're going home.

Okay I'm in the reactor alright there should be a makeshift adapt ourselves along with walk weeks of left did you exit the elevator do you see it hey Don okay we could take a shoe.

Warning reactor is active.

If I can find some few orbs I should be able to throw them directly into the core and force a power surge is that safe no I dick I saw the energy level spike.

But they're draining again shit the heat sinks are venting the core I'm gonna try.

Bring out your capacity critical.

Radiation was detected Scheuer. What is multiplayer shooter place we've got to activate the drive before blows we'll get your ass up here before you cry I'm true reactor I'm gonna use we have a new one.


Get that injured one duck I'm almost there hurry up this thing's shaking apart.

Don't get up here quick we're going home a million pieces oh there danger All Hands man.

Let's go let's go we may just blow up may just get saved my aliens again just get that damn one.

Robert Hey Carver we're almost there.

With a shocking turn size in 3 2 1.

Earth orbital control this is Isaac Clark aboard the CMS Terra Nova requesting clearance over are you sure.

You got the right channel this is over 200 years old and it changed over right trust me trust beats right earth Gulf command this is Sergeant John Carver do you read me anyone there.

With United mining traffic flow do you copy.

Lunar flight control CMS Terranova does anyone read us out here

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