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СТАЛКЕР: Секреты и баги. Самые полезные баги, Советы по аномалиям. Часть 3(#38-60)

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Hello, friends. This is Horned Reaper and now let's move on bugs and secrets theme in game STALKER: shadow of chernobyl. This video is about several advices,.

Some interesting information and bugs.

Let's start from horror. Agroprom underground.

There is one bloodhunter here. But it spawns if we.

Walk through the trigger in this place, so if we get 'shooter stash'.

From military side or run through the electras then we will not meet he.

Although if you exactly know trigger place you can sneak up to him.

On the north of Cordon you can find corpse-car probably from the start video.

And several corpses near that. If you want to walk through the rails in Cordon.

It's not necessary to pay or declair war with military it's enough to walk through the right side and turn to the right cause to be silent if you will be spotted in this side you will be enemy automatically.

Next lifehack. While executing objective on roadblock better walk onto the.

Tree in left side. Going back same. Anomalies not so scary as you think.

If you drop the bolt from certain distance you can run through it without hurting. Also you can use it against monsters.

Because they don't seeing it.

In the places with congestion of anomalies you can get rich if you walk into this location after midnight.

Cause of copyright developers changed all of gun names in game. There is the "Groza" in the hands of player.

And then "Abakan" "VAL" "L85" "FN2000" "AKS-74".

"AKS-74U" and MP5. Some NPC have opportunity to take better gun.

You can refuse it....

Guy, you got some weak. Take this, brother!.

So you are strong if you want it you're welcome! Bullets in game have a feature to rikochet So don't wonder if All became enemies while you shooting the floor!.

Also armor-piercing bullets which with black tape can not only better power but it can also rip through walls.

If you don't want to see the video while militaries destroying poor mole you can go out the road and miss it.

3 gangsters in beginning of dump are not certainly gangsters If you immidiately kill this guy then they will be neutral.

And they will go to shoot with real gangsters.

Buy the way their group is Single. This guy is helpless at little distance.

And you can easily hit it from knife. Seems like he talk something...

Go far! Damn! Where are my glasses?.

Now let's turn to bugs. At this time bugs from another group Something like this: "I could do this??" Door to bar can be opened by kick.

Although there are some species who don't like it And now I show self-burning act. One of the favorite acts all of stalkers.

True stalker must do 3 things in his life:.

To play guitar, tell anecdote and burn in campfire Preferably immediately after his anecdote....

Masters of surviving.. And our main goal is looting.

Hey, guys, There are no wood more.

If measuring is a stretch for you... Hey, Semenov, let tell that.

Zombies killed you? You said I can't do this, weapons not alowed here. okey.

Brother, don't worry about it!.

I don't know what you're worried about..

I tried, honestly! But there are a lot of zombies, and they shoot he although corpse is here. Armor has own size.

That allow to jump onto it and use it.

If you want higher, you can use a grenade. Mainly you'll have to catch blast moment.

Same armors allows to climb through NPC..

For example here you can get the warehouse of "Freedom" which have a lot of expensive units.

Player can teleport objects through closed doors in his backpack.

All quest and code doors can be opened yourself.

For this you have to find Freeman's crowbar.

Enough, stop finding! In fact you can use a gun. For this you'll have to get long weapon such as.

Gauss SVD or RPG.

Previously save game and stick it to the hole between.

Wall and door on the hinges side and eventually you can see this.

Oops. It's not exactly what I wanted..

If you must come back through this door then you should stay this gun.

You can cut NPCs one by one without low reputation and without enemies.

For this you'll have to find calm place with one man.

Previously save game and kill him from knife for example.

While all members are enemies, kill 2 - 3 enemies and quickly load game.

And now you can kill one by one without breaking of attitude. Don't forget to mock the corpses.

Main thing - Every hit must be deadly.

This bug same can be used to rob the poor warehouse. So it's all for this time.

Next video will be about more secrets and bugs. Please subscribe cause not missing it..

And see you later

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