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Сталкер: Секреты и баги. Убежать за край - Радар, Припять, ЧАЭС. Часть 6 (#95-100)

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Все видео пользователя: Horned Reaper - games.

Сталкер Тень Чернобыля. Секреты баги.

Шестое видео о багах и секретах в игре (1.0006). В видео показана вторая часть багов, позволяющих выйти за пределы карт. (Радар, Припять, Чаэс-1, Чаэс-2)

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

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This is the 6th video about bugs and secrets in game Shadow of Chernobyl (1.0006) This video is about second part of bugs which allow to run out the maps (Radar, Pripyat, CNPP-1, CNPP-2)

#сталкер #теньчернобыля #сталкерсекреты #секреты #баги #крайкарты #stalker #stalkersecrets #stalkerbugs #ЧАЭС

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Hello, stalkers and continue today theme of textural bugs. Let's start with the location.


These closed gates can also be use to go out the location.

And here it is - the edge of the radar.

Oops, jerk got out! Here the bastards are stirred kill him! Argh! Your mother ... second way near the sniper.

Take a grenade, save and early or late we'll get this.

Well, then it is clear how.


And here is Pripyat edge.

Location of CNPP-1 here all the complexity is to cross this small fence.

Well and then run Forest run.

The map is so long so I will not show it all.

And here cause the game is not expect us here, textures begin to strongly fail.

Well, here we actually got to the edge of the CNPP-1.

And the second method is based on bug number 54.

And further same.

Well, and probably the most difficult task is getting to the very edge of the CNPP-2.

I found only one place where you can to make it You need to go on the edge of this roof very carefully crossing corners cause easy to fall.

Further, we also save and using the bug number 55 we jump onto the upper platform.

That's basically the hardest thing behind.

And run along the roof to the east to the very edge.

Perhaps rest here a little bit.

Well, as usual No! Do not shoot!.

And then what? What, what - jump!.

Damn! Wow! and by well-known technology - bunnyjumps to the edge of the map.

By the way we are on the textureless zone of CNPP-1.

Here ends the effect area of CNPP-2.

So we closed the first hundred bugs and secrets although we have not yet finished off even half. Well, we finish..

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