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Читы на Сталкер. Часть 2. Деньги и оружие

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Читы на сталкер - деньги и оружие. Мы продолжаем тему читов в Сталкер Тень Чернобыля. На этот раз мы поговорим о том как стать ходячим станком для денег, и заполучить любое оружие в начале игры и за счет этого уменьшить сложность игры до нуля. Стать миллиардером, купить все у Сидора, гаусс пистолет, качаем гадюку до минигана и вулкана, РПГ-автомат

Группа ВК: https://vk.com/hornedreaper_games...

Распаковщик: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QwFK9...

Чит файлы: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlb_p...

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stalker cheats. This part is about how get money and any weapon at the beginning. How to become billioner, to buy all at Sidorovich, Gauss-pistol, upgrade mp5 to minigun and volcano, auto-RPG

Unpacker: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QwFK9...

Cheat files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlb_p...

#STALKER #cheats #Сталкер #читы #сталкерчит #сталкероружие #сталкерденьги

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Hello stalkers, Today continue the topic of cheating settings and not standard abilities. And as promised, this time we will touch on the topic of wealth and.

Weapons Let's give the tagged that he dreamed so long - world reserves of gold!.

How to do it? We can do it quite simple, we go the same.

Folder "gamedata" then "config - gameplay".

Here we are interested in two files: character_desc_escape and character_desc_general.

Go in escape. Here we are interested in this line.

Money min and so on. Just copying it. and paste into the second file here, where.

Empty line. This is the task of money in the very beginning of the game.

Do you want to be a billionaire? Yes please! and the infinitive mark means.

Endless money. Save and can be checked! With another.

Side, why do we need so much money if now Sidorovich compared with us is just bum - so what we can now buy ? To fix this, you need.

Go back and go to the misc folder here find merchants files. All of them.

Begin on "trade". We need trade trader.

In this file we have hints. This section is responsible for.

Artifacts, and further - ammunition, weapons, armour, unique items and other trinkets.

Let's say we need weapon artifacts and armor take this whole section of the file before the medicine, we copy it,.

Now we are looking for the "supplies_start" section. here it is.

Delete everything there until the next section and paste our copied part.

Now we are looking for the section "trader_start_sell" here we need to insert our part again.

Only need to insert with deleting similar part.

But that is not all. Now we need in the supplies_start section get rid of all fractional values. The first column means.

The number of items appearing in merchant and the second probability of appearing.

In the original game it's no ability to buy gauss gun, so write it here.

Also as the model.

And the same with cartridges.

Save, and now Sidorovich will sell not only cans.

But one more thing I wanted to say. Don't allow in this section.

Should this be the inscriptions "NO_TRADE"! If it will be, then.

Thats you will see just a script error..

That's how it would always be!.

If you don't like Sidorovich, well, to be honest, he doesn't like it either you can do the same with any another merchant - for example a barman.

Petrenko at duty, Sakharov in his bunker or Skryaga for example..

Our next step is to change weapons! Come back and we will rummage now.

Here in this folder - weapons.

And start with our first weapon - PM The Makarov pistol. Go to this file and.

We see a huge number of parameters most of which we can safely change. First, do something unusual for example substitute animation and.

The sound of a shot on a Makarov pistol. For this in the Gauss gun file we need to find.

Such parameter flame_particles, we copy this part and insert it instead.

Same but in the PM file, then we do the same with sound..

Save and admire what we have done..

Now let's upgrade some weapon, for example mp5, as it is fast.

Rechargeable and has a small dispersion. we can increase capacity.

Mag, let's say up to a thousand, turn off gun wear when shooting "condition_shot_dec".

Well, then we can change the range of firing, bullet speed, and rate of fire. Save and watch. Now by.

Weapon characteristics our mp5 reminds, you will not believe, but.

M134 Minigun.

But all the improvements we are doing here they also concern enemies, therefore.

To increase your chances, go to the file which is at the very end weapon.ltx.

And here we can upgrade ammo for mp5, but not standard but armor-piercing! Which not appear in enemies. Here they are.


We are interested in the k_hit parameter. it's incremental power factor.

Increase a hundred times! Parameter buck_shot.

We put 5, which will mean that with each shot will fly out five bullets! But to heighten the effect you can add one more parameter which gives.

Imitation explosion when hit. Bullets 7.62 from the SVD for example has this effect.

Called "explosive" Here it is! We copy it and paste.

Do not forget to save and check in Game. And now we will have the parameters of.

"M61 VOLCANO" and this is hitting guys!.

Probably it reminded someone alien shooter 2 and not just like that, because it has such machine gun and now about the grenade launcher. Go in rpg-7 file.

And how can we improve it? Add mag size and I understand it's sounds like a delusion.

Speed we can set only 1 parameter at the very end of file - "engine_impulse".

Put 100 thousand save and admire what we did in.

The game.

Thanks for watching, and in order to enable me to see that my works are not in vain, please put.

Like and Subscribe if not already subscribed. And there will be still a lot of interesting in future!

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