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Adventure Island [NES] :: SPEED RUN (0:43:53) by ktwo [Eu Ver.]

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Current best European version time on SDA by ktwo. © 2013 SDA. IMPORTANT: @SDAspeedruns is hosting Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 from Jan. 5th-11th, more info here http://marathon.speeddemosarchive.com/upcoming

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Adventure Island was developed by Hudson and released in the US in 1988 and in Europe in 1992. The game originates from an arcade game called Wonderboy, but is different in several ways due to licence issues. Master Higgins' girlfriend, Tina, has been kidnapped by the evil witch doctor and it's up to Higgins to rescue her. It's easy to see that the game in many ways is inspired by Super Mario Bros. However, anyone who plays Adventure Island will quickly realize that the difficulty was tuned up by a healthy dose. The difficulty is possibly what the game is the most known for. The Adventure Island franchise comprises games for several platforms, with the newest addition being "New Adventure Island" for the Wii. Source: http://speeddemosarchive.com/AdventureIsland.html


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For those who stumble across these videos, a speed run is a video of a person or persons, completing a game as fast as possible using any means possible. This can include glitches, abusing in-game mechanics and skipping items or even playing events out of sequence.

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